Turf Blog 06-03-21

Turf zone – Bonnyrigg

Browsing through the various Turf medals on offer, there was one that caught my eye, the Revisitor. This medal is awarded for revisiting at least 50 zones within 5 days. Now, this might not seem a great deal but actually keeping hold of enough zones to be able to complete this medal without other turfers taking the zones is not always easy. However, with about 100 zones to my name, I decided to give it a try. The good thing was most of these zones were local, dotted in and about Bonnyrigg, Eskbank and Dalkieth, with a bunch more in Newtongrange, if required.

First task was to see just how many revisits I had completed in the past five days, not something I’d been keeping track of myself. This was easy to work out using Warded, logging on and selecting your own username from the top menu will provide this information. I already had 16 revisits, so only needed another 34 to reach the 50 zone revisits required.

I headed out on the Ogre about 9.15 am, hopefully before the hordes of other turfers get here and steal the zones from me. It was strange to be taking green zones rather than red zones and it took a while to get used to this. Just seemed wrong and only getting half as many points for your efforts seemed a very inefficient use of time. My route criss-crossed Bonnyrigg first, then on through Dalkeith, and finally along the cycle way from Dalkieth High School. After revisiting CraigTheWhite, up pops the medal alert on the mobile phone screen, Revisitor medal accomplished. Of the 50 zones visited today, a good dozen or so were normal takes, adding a few more points to the score. Everything helps this close to the round finish and the start of a new round.

After lunch, a good couple of hours were spent in the man cave, first giving Ogre a good power wash (careful to avoid hitting any bearings), then checking all bolts were nice and tight, cleaning and lubing the chain, another nano-adjustment of the brakes and then tyre pressures. Just want him in tip-top running condition for tomorrows new round #129 and the Scotland – Skåne Turf Challenge.

P.S. Féarglas, a nice clean bike always seems to run better! 🙂

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