Turf Blog 07-12-23

So good to be back out on the bike turfing again. The snow and ice have mostly vanished, just a few small patches of compacted snow/ice left on the sheltered paths. Turf walking is okay but not a good as cycling. Have been out fat biking on the snow and ice but you still need to take care. So, another day and another task on the Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023 – Animated Turfing.

The task this time is to take any number of zones and use the letters in the zone names to create the name of either of the following well-known animated characters – Wallace and Gromit or Shaun the Sheep. That’s the Easy Option. The Challenging Option is either Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit or Shaun the Sheep A Flight Before Christmas. All quite easy as it turns out and I managed both the Challenging ones with my usual tour of Bonnyrigg. Guess I should have kept some of the restrictions and other parameter in the tasks.

And to finish, fame at last, with a mention in Turf Round Recap – November 2023 (#161)

“Planet Gary is also running a Turf Calendar for all turfers out there, read more about it HERE . Planet Gary has an easy option and a challenging option for each day and there is no need to register or ask to take part. Just get on with it. Tasks should be completed on the same day but no worries if not, so if you have not heard about it until now, you can still join! Details will be posted on Planet Gary each evening for the following days task. The rules are many and quite fun to read, so head over to Planet Gary to read all of them.”

Back soon.

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