Turf Advent 2023

Welcome to the first ever Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023, devilishly devised and craftily created by the inhabitants of Planet Gary for turfers anywhere in the Multiverse to try their hand at, pull their hair out and scream with frustration. Please read the notes below thoroughly before competing. Yes, that means you! And remember, try not to get too serious, though I know some of you will find that exceedingly difficult. Just enjoy attempting the various tasks, don’t worry about rules and regulations or correct interpretations. It’s all flexible and meant to be fun. Good luck.

Task No. 2 – 2nd December 2023 – Turfing Bad
This task was inspired by the titles of TV series Breaking Bad and requires you to build a meth lab in your kitchen and brew up some methamphetamine. Oh, don’t worry, only joking. Task as follows:

Easy Option
Collect at least 500 points by taking zones that contain 2-character periodic element symbols in their zone name. The points value equals the atomic number of the element. These can be found in Periodic Tables. For example, zone Eskbank would give you: Es (Einsteinium, atomic number 99) and Ba (Barium, atomic number 56). Note: 2-character periodic element symbols only.

Challenging Option
As Easy but collect 1000 points.

Task No. 1 – 1st December 2023 – Compass Turf 

Easy Option
Select a suitable starting or base zone and take that zone, then take 4 zones that are at least 500m away, as the crow flies. The first zone should be to the north, the next to the south, then to the east and finally to the west. The map on turf.urbangeeks.org can be used to check the distances between zones.

Challenging Option
In addition to Easy, take another 4 zones at least 1000m away from the starting or base zone. Again, the first to the north, the next to the south, then to the east and finally to the west.

Each daily task will be posted here, on this page, the evening before the task is due to be completed. However, here’s a few clues to what the 24 tasks will be:

Compass Turf, Turfing Bad, Turf Trek, Turfabble, Attributes Only, Turfomathics, Animated Turfing, Game of Five, Roman Turf, Turf Torture, Zones per Hour, Turfomino, Urban Zones, Turf Criteria, Water World, Turfopoly, Turfinator, Turf Minutes, Take Times, All Terrain Turfing, Turfography, Top Turfs, Turfometry and Christmas.


  • The Turf Scotland Advent Calendar runs from 1st to 24th December.
  • The calendar is open to all Turfers anywhere and everywhere.
  • No need to register or ask to take part. Just get on with it.
  • The tasks in both Easy and Challenging are not specific to Scotland.
  • You can choose the Easy Option or the Challenging Option or do both.
  • The Easy Option may not be particularly easy for some turfers.
  • The Challenging Option may be just that, challenging. Sometimes very.
  • Assists and revisits are allowed in both Easy and Challenging tasks.
  • There are 24 different tasks to be completed, one for each day of the calendar.
  • Tasks should be completed on the same day but no worries if not.
  • There is also an optional Bonus Task for escaping the mayhem on Christmas Day.
  • Details will be posted on Planet Gary each evening for the following days task.
  • Details will also be posted on the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group.
  • All daily tasks will remain together on this page for easy reference.
  • Bribes of Kits-Kats, home-made fruit scones and chocolate cake accepted.
  • Any questions, post on the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group or contact as below.

Prize Draw

  • There will be a prize draw for both Easy and Challenging options.
  • You need to complete at least 20 tasks in either category to enter.
  • You can enter for the Easy Option or Challenging Option or both.
  • The winner of the Easy Option will receive a custom-built monster truck.
  • The winner of the Challenging Option will receive a Nissan Skyline GT-R.
  • To enter in the prize draw email your turf username to advent@planetgary.org.uk.
  • Please state which option(s) you have completed, Easy, Challenging, or both.
  • Closing date for entries is 12 noon on 27th December when the draw will take place.
  • Winners will be drawn from a hat and checked they have made a good effort.
  • Verified winners will be contacted to arrange delivery of the prizes.
  • Prizes require assembly. Contact any child aged 9+ for assistance, if required.
  • The Bonus Task, both Easy and Challenging, is not required for the Prize Draw.
  • No cash prize alternative is available.

Contact details

Should you wish to be added to the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group, please get in touch with me as noted above and I’ll make a request to the group administrator. I will need your mobile phone number for this.

P.S. The prizes are real but not real vehicles you can drive on the road.

Copyright ©2023 Gary Buckham. All rights reserved.

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