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I rather felt like I was a Turfinator today, hunting down individual zones held by other turfers. Though I did feel slightly guilty about taking a zone from turfer RosyPosy who appears to be a recent addition to the gang and only held a few zones. But I guess that’s a good thing, feeling guilty that is, even slightly, as Turfinators, and I quote:

“…cannot be bargained or reasoned with so don’t bother messaging them. They don’t feel pity or remorse for other turfers they deliberately block. They have no fear, do not sleep, stop to eat food or take showers, and will turf anywhere at any time of day or night and absolutely will not stop… ever… until they have taken the zones or collected the points they require.”

Yes, TvT again, Turfer verses Turfer, or perhaps Turfinator Verses Turfer? Into the big city this morning for a few more turfer uniques. As before, off the No 31 bus at South Bridge for my first victim, turfer JiminyCrikit, at zone TheNewsSteps, where I had to descend most of the way down to get into the zone, and all the way back up again. And there’s me, a poor retired pensioner with a dodgy leg. So thoughtless these zone makers! Only joking, fine bunch of lads and lasses they are!

Next victim was ESOC_Rocks which might have been expensive had I not been a member of Historic Scotland. The zone in question is EdinCastle, which is inside the pay to access splendour of Edinburgh Castle. However, for those to mean/poor to pay, I have been informed that you can get free entry to Edinburgh Castle at certain times. From their website:

“As part of Historic Environment Scotland’s Historic Sundays, Scottish residents can get free admission to participating Historic Scotland visitor attractions (including Edinburgh Castle) on the first Sunday of every month until 03 March 2024. Bookings should be made on the Historic Sundays website.”

It was real brass-monkey weather up at the castle and I was surprised at how many tourists were visiting the attraction, and this being February! Place was swarming with visitors from the Far East, mostly young skinny-legs Chinese girls wearing miniscule mini-skirts, furry hats with ears and carrying handbags that look like furry animals. All posing for photographs or taking selfies. One thing I will say is how annoying tourists can be. They stop in the most awkward of places, they take videos of everything rather than actually looking with their own eyes and some seem to think that everyone else should get out of their way and not walk in front of their cameras. They did seem to know who Shaun the Sheep was mind you.

Next a bit of a walk, and to be honest I wish I’d brought the bike or kick scooter, as this one was about 1 1/2 miles away down Broughton Street. The zone in question, BellevueCres, the turfer victim in question, sur-G. On the way back I spoke to a chap, actually a banksman, at St. James Quarter. He mentioned that the copper sheeting on the building, while often referred to as the gilded or golden turd or even a poo emoji, actually represents a long sheet of paper in a throwback to the printing works that once stood on the site.

And that was enough walking for the day. My left hip and leg are still playing up but getting better. So, hopped back on the No 31 and headed for home. Then, for some unknown reason, I decided to look up TvT on Warded and low-and-behold, there’s another new turfer unique at the Meadows by the name of RosyPosy. Well, as I was passing the east end of the Meadows thought, might as well grab one of his/hers. You can never tell the gender of a turfer from a turf name, which makes it difficult when referring to them.

As I mentioned earlier, I did feel ever-so slightly guilty about taking a zone from RosyPosy, but well, that’s all part of the Game of Turf. I only needed one zone and could have taken more. In any case, the six zones RosyPosy took today have all been lost to other turfers. Hope RosyPosy does not get too downhearted and keeps on turfing.

My total turfer uniques now stands at 297. There is one I have my eye on, by the turf name BarneyBoo, at zone HolyWilson in the Craigentinny area. Fingers crossed no-one takes the zone before I do! I’ll back soon.

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