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The trouble with the Game of Turf is that there’s too much time to think between zones and during my previous turfing session into Edinburgh, hunting down turfer unique zones, I was thinking, what would I include on my turf wish list?

Initially I thought my first item would be a medal series for collecting FTT zones, or First To Take. However, I wondered if that would be feasible, given the low zone quotas we have these days, not like the heady days of old when zones appeared almost every day. If there are limited new zones appearing, along with the competition for those new zones from other turfers, would it be feasible to keep trying for those medals? I’m not sure but will leave this one off my list for now.

So, this brings me neatly to the first item on my turf wish list, a medals series for TvT, or Turfer verses Turfer, in other words, taking zones held by other different turfers. I’ve only recently started actively seeking out these turfer unique zones and have accrued 297 of them, the majority without actually deliberately trying. If the series followed the usual turf format, I would already have medals for 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250. However, with only around 300 active turfers here in Scotland, adding further turfers uniques would be challenging without other turfers visiting from other parts of the UK and further afield.

Next item would be the Daily-5 or Five-A-Day, taking a minimum of 5 zones each and every day for up to 365 days. Now, this already exists and I’ve managed to get that cherished Daily-365 medal. So, my wish would be not to stop there but to continue, having the opportunity to attain another Daily-365 medal. It might be love and hate at the same time but nought wrong with that. This is turf after all.

And this brings me nicely onto my third item. I’ve mentioned this medal series before and it goes by the name of the Daily Dozen. Essentially, it would be a more challenging version of the Daily-5, requiring the turfer to take 12 zones each day rather than 5 zones. Something requiring that little bit more effort and encouraging more exercise.

This next one came to mind when I realised I’d been turfing for over 3 years now and this suggested another medal series, one based on the amount of time you’ve been actively turfing. The series might include a medal at 3-months, 6-months and then annually after that. Obviously, there would need to be some parameters regarding what would be considered actively turfing, if gaps were permitted, minimum points levels attained and whatever else might be relevant. Perhaps it might encourage turfers to keep on turfing as just over 1% that take up the game continue playing for the long term.

Now, this final one is an unknown. This turf wish list item would be something entirely new to turf. What that is I have no idea. In the Game of Turf, we have points, virtual medals, ranks, the league, turf teams, events and competitions. What else could be added to turf to enhance or add another dimension to this game of games? Could there be an augmented reality addition showing Turfman? Back soon.

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