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Turf Zone – HareWhere

With the first week or so of Round #158 now complete, and having gained the Roundpointer-100k medal, I wanted to take a look at some facts and figures relating to my turfing sessions to date. To do this, I copied the table from FRUT and posted it into an MS Excel spreadsheet to make it easier to manipulate the figures. My points total at the moment is about 139,300 (all figures rounded up for ease of use).

Roundpointer-100k – This medal is awarded when taking 100,000 points in a single round.

Using FRUT to look at my Round Summary to date, reveals that my points total comprises two separate figures, one is 90,500 points from actually taking zones. That’s all those 170’s and 185’s, etc., added together. The other figure is PPH, or Points Per Hour, which stands at an amazing 48,800. That amounts to 35% of total points from PPH, about one third. I found this quite surprising and I hope I’ve got my figures right! Also looked at the same for turfer Drylaw13, for previous Round #157. His PPH amounted to 34% of the total. So, it pays to try and keep hold of zones for a long as you can.

Yesterday was a busy day with three turfing sessions. First one was at silly o’clock down to Dalkeith Country Park on the Surly Pugsley fat bike. There’s a handful of zones there that are not ideal for reaching by bike during the day, and it’s much more interesting at night. No dog walkers, no visitors at all, in fact, and most importantly, no bloody arrogant horse riders! Lots of wildlife as well including roe deer and badger. Thought my gate pass would not let me in initially but it worked on the third swipe. It was very, very, muddy on the trails.

During the day I did the Roslynn to Shawfair circuit on the Surly Ogre. This gave me another 79 takes for the pot. I must say the western half of Midlothian is getting like East Lothian, in that you don’t hold zones there for very long. Only held some zones for just over 20 minutes before they were taken back again. Hi Hodge, hope you are well!

I should also admit to swearing at one point when another turfer seemed to appear from nowhere and start blocking zones along my very obvious route, the Loanhead Ferret Run. The words I used reminded me of a camel hat features in the Terry Pratchett novel, Pyramids. The camel happens to be the greatest mathematician on Discworld and goes by the name of “You Bastard”. The turfer shall remain nameless.

Later that evening I short session around Dalkeith and Mayfield cleared a few more reds from the board, bringing my zone takes to a pleasing 108. I had thought about another fat bike night session, this time across to the Melville Castle area for a few uniques, but failed to wake up during the night. Guess I needed the sleep. Back soon.

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