Turf Blog 11-10-23

Greetings. The trouble with being retired, if you can really call it trouble, is that you get tasked with household chores. And that’s what I’m doing at the moment, as I write these words, waiting for the clothes wash to beep it’s merry little annoying jingle and I can then hang out the washing to dry. To be honest, I’ve not really been tasked with this chore, no, not all all. I even thought of it myself and did not have to be asked. Looks like my being-at-home-training is paying off. This is the reason why I’m not out on my bike turfing!

Now, some interesting news from the world of kick scooters, or rather e-scooters. Fans of Planet Gary will know I’m a keen enthusiast of big-wheel kick scooters and own no less than three from Swifty Scooters from over the border in Englandshire. Swifty are launching a new e-scooter this month, the SwiftyGo G500. It’s a fully electric scooter, no kick assist option and should come with a range of either 20 miles or 40 miles, depending on battery configuration. It also a game changer in the e-scooter world and features disc brakes front and rear, full suspension, direction indicators and lights front and rear, even a built in side stand. There will also be options for front and rear racks. Everything you could ask for. Prices will start at £2500.00.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have mentioned that anything that uses an electric motor is cheating when playing Turf, the Game of Games. And at the moment, here in the UK this wonderful wee beastie would be illegal anywhere other than private land with permission (in writing), lets not forget that. However, hopefully, next year, the Authorities will be introducing new legislation on the subject of micro-mobility and that should includes vehicles like this. Facts are few and far between but there does seem to be some consensus that legislation will be similar to present legislation for e-bikes, covering topics like maximum speed, power output, and so on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Now, what I’m wondering is this. If the legislation does turn out as above, just what could a keen turfer do with a beastie like this? At the moment, Turf Law permits any legal form of transport and with a bit of luck, e-scooters should be legal eventually here in the UK and can be used for turfing. One wonders what kind of times you could manage on the Loanhead Ferret Run? How many points could you clock up in a Round riding an SwiftyGo e-scooter with a 40-mile range? To be honest, if they were currently legal here in the UK, I would have put my deposit down. More info and pictures when available.

Above images courtesy of Swifty Scooters.

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