Turf Blog 11-10-22

There are many mysterious energies and substances in the world. There’s one called Orgone, an atmospheric energy claimed to be useful for cloud busting, or creating rain. However, the main drawback is you need to build an Orgone Energy Accumulator first. In the movie Avatar, we see the lighter-than-air metal called Unobtanium, which is actually obtainable on the Dark Web, if you know where to look. And in Star Trek, there’s Red Matter, said to create black holes when let out of the bottle. I have some in the kitchen cupboard. It’s manufactured by Heinz but Tesco do a cheaper version. But today is a wonderous day, for I have discovered, quite by accident, another mysterious energy. It’s called Power of Blog.

The other day, I mentioned in my Turf Blog about my latest turfing idea, the Midlothian A2Z Mission, which involves taking 26 zones in alphabetical order, starting with a zone beginning the letter A and ended with a zone with the letter Z. My thoughts were originally be limit this to zones within my local region of Midlothian. However, the area lacked any zones beginning with X or Y, these could only be found in Edinburgh and East Lothian respectively. I hinted that creating these zones in Midlothian would be a wonderful idea and offered free scones and coffee as a reward.

This morning, keen eyed turfer CSL, dropped me an email which suggested I take another look at the Midlothian zone listing on Lundkvist. It was then that I discovered the Power of Blog. Two zones in Bonnyrigg had mysteriously been renamed. Zone PoltonHall is now called XRaySpex and zone LothianSquare is now YourDiary. A clear example of the Power of Blog. Amazing. Or perhaps it was the Potential Power of Scone?

This is good news. Not only can I attempt the Midlothian A2Z Mission entirely within Midlothian, but it also leaves two adjacent regions free for the same A2Z Mission, namely the Edinburgh A2z Mission which already has all the required zones from A to Z, and also the East Lothian A2z Mission. The latter would require both X and Z zones, however. The zones in East Lothian are very well spread out over a large area and would present a real challenge if attempting in 260 minutes. More turfing fun for the future.

The revised listing for the Midlothian A2Z Mission is now as follows.

With this change I think I can now stick with my original idea to adhere to a fixed time limit of 260 minutes (26 zones at 10 minutes per zone) or 4 hours 20 minutes, for the Midlothian A2Z Mission. It might seem a lot of time for 26 zones but they are well spaced out across Midlothian. Hopefully, the challenge should be possible within that time frame, though the Q zone, QueenDean, is in Penicuik, still in Midlothian, but does require a fair amount of time to get there and back.

Finally, summary of rules should you wish to give this a try.

  • zones must be taken in alphabetical order, i.e. A to Z.
  • no other zones should be taken between the A to Z zones.
  • the time limit is 260 minutes or 4 hours 20 minutes.
  • should be completed in a single turf session.
  • can be tackled using any means of turf-legal transport.
  • revisits are permitted.

By for now.

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