Turf Blog 13-10-22

Turf zone – MiddleMeadow

Edinburgh today, visiting the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion in Chalmers Street. Had a couple of minor episodes of double vision a few weeks ago, so went to the opticians and they sent a report to my doctors, which led to the trip today. Thankfully all is well and my new lenses are the bee’s knees, or the dog’s bollocks, as they say. I can now count the hairs on the balls of a house fly at 20 paces. Nice to get that visit over with mind you.

After that some turfing, the usual coffee and scone at John Lewis, then the compulsory round of shops to visit, i.e., Tiso, Rohan, North Face and Cotswold Outdoor. Bought a bright green/yellow windproof Montano jacket for cycling and a fancy fleece in Tiso. Also met with DaffyDuck for an assist. And it was later on the bus while sharing my adventures with Cathryn, aka ChoccyMuffin, over the mobile phone, that it came to mind just how odd it must seem to non-turfers when we speak about turfing. I wonder what they thought when I said “I met DaffyDuck at WayOfGeorge for an assist?” What about, “I was blocked by JaxJaunts at LaddiesZone?” Or “Did some ghosting to avoid YouKnowWho”. Or “My attempt at armpitying was a total loss.” How about, I took a few zones from ><(((*>?” Or even “Did the Loanhead Ferret Run in 7:56.” Almost a secret turfing code.

And finally, after eight long weeks of sleepless nights fired by nightmares of Orc’s stealing my store of Kit-Kats, the Three Rings of Power have been forged, the Dark Lord Sauron has been unmasked and the long wait for Season II of The Lord of the Rings begins. Yes, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has ended. No longer can I look forward to my trips to Middle Earth and no more getting up early to watch the latest episode. Yes, I enjoyed that. I like to when you have to wait for the next episode. Harks back to the old days before streaming media, when there was something to look forward to in anticipation each week. It just not the same these days with streaming media and the like.

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