Turf Blog 14-02-24

Turf Zone – Waverley

Today was a good example of how frustrating hunting turfer uniques can be. The weather was forecast as wet and miserable, so rather than cycling locally in the rain, decided to hop onto the No 31 bus and dash into Edinburgh to grab 5 zones from 5 different turfer uniques, all close to the city centre. All was going to plan initially. Hopped off the bus into the pissing rain at South Bridge, splashed down Cockburn Street then slithered down Flesh Markey Close and into a busy Waverley station for the zone of the same name.

Took the zone from a turfer called toot. Fine so far. Next, up the Waverley Steps and along to PrincesZone, then “insert sweary word here”, the zone had been taken by turfer Corsicana at 10:04, only half an hour ago. Must have been taken while I was on the bus, “insert sweary word here again”. The turfer unique I was after was called Beattie, who from what I can determine, was a visiting turfer from Englandshire, possibly accompanied by turfer toot, as they did some assists. Hope they visit again. Oh well, such is the game of Turf. The next three turfer uniques were Goygoy, regalia and welchie, all taken without issue. Total now stands at 263.

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