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Monday 12th February. Following promotion from League 4 to League 3 at the end of the last Round, my initial thoughts were set my sights on achieving the next level, League 2, however, turfer Veld has taken an early lead and now has pole position with a good 62,000 points ahead of my current 60,000 points. Okay, not an impossible mission but one heck of a challenge. In addition, he seems to maintain a considerable PPH which I cannot complete with. So, I’ll settle with avoiding relegation and wait for another chance next Round.

And that leaves me time for another aspect of Turf called TvT, or Turfer verses Turfer, in simple terms taking zones held by other turfers. This time off into Edinburgh on the Harley Quinn single speed bike, taking an anti-clockwise circuitous route making the most of tail winds and downhill freewheels at the end, first down to Musselburgh, across to Portobello, then into the city centre via Figgate Pond, Lochend and Holyrood Park. From there across town Marchmont and Liberton and home to Bonnyrigg. At the end of the day another 7 turfers uniques added to the collection including RedDoor, STAGStevie, Bellerina12, North_Wing, ciney, ambrose and BarneyBoo.

A fairly decent 40 Km cycle on a single speed, involving quite a few steep hills and headwinds but enjoyable all the same. I must say I think TvT and riding a single speed go hand in hand. On the single speed, no gears to bother about, just the turn of the pedals, no other noise other than the swish of tyres on tarmac. Simple, rhythmic, relaxing and serene. With TvT, no hectic rush getting points, or taking every zone you come across, just the zones you are hunting. A more relaxed way to turf.

Now, I need to correct a few TvT stats I’ve been using. I’ve discovered that the figure of 306 I understood to be the number of unique turfers I’ve taken a zone from is incorrect. It should be 259, starting with the very first zone I’ve taken, zone Pittendreich from Fearglas on 21st December 2020. The 47 difference actually refers to turfers who have taken a zone from me but I’ve not taken a zone from them. Hope that reads okay. Back soon.

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