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Turf Zone – BroomieGolf

Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023, Task No. 14 – 14th December – Turfopoly. Fairly easy this one but potentially very time consuming. The idea is based on the board game Monopoly but instead of purchasing houses, hotels, etc, you visit zones and collect points/pounds based on various words in the zone name, for example, Golf – £250, Park – £100, and so on. You are required to collect either an easy £1000 or challenging £2000.

As usual, I started off listing all the zones locally then whittled them down to those that included the required words. I then assigned a value to each and toted up the total, revealing that I needed at least 16 zones to reach my £2000 target. Sounds good but the zones were scattered from Rosewell to the coast at Musselburgh.

After an early start and after almost 4-hours in the saddle and 22 miles, I’d taken all my required zones as well as any I encountered along the way. No point not taking a zone of you are passing it. Looking at the figures showed that I’d actually collected £2260 from 18 zones. And what was surprising is that I actually took 73 zones overall. Mission accomplished. Back soon.

Turf Zone – MelvilleGolf

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