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Turf Zone – BroomieGolf

As I was in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh today to visit Mr Sweeney Todd the Demon Dentist, I thought, this is a good opportunity to hunt down a few hapless turfers holding unique zones and steal the zones from them. However, the trouble with this game, that of hunting turfer uniques, is that there always seems to be so much effort involved for so little reward, and what little reward that actually is. No medals, no extra points, just a few turf nicknames on a list, and not even an official list at that. About the best you can get out of hunting turfer uniques is a feeling of a job well done and a small degree of smug satisfaction.

When I say, so much effort involved for so little reward, I refer to my efforts in Edinburgh for a paltry 5 turfer uniques zones, well spread across the city. I started off at Bruntsfield, where my dentist plies his evil trade – I shall not name him directly as he is actually a fine chap and very good in his chosen field – and made my way down to Fountain Bridge for my first turfer unique of the morning at zone McEwanSquare, relieved from turfer WarrenRabbit. Actually, when I looked last evening WarrenRabbit held most of the Meadow’s area but lost almost all overnight and this morning to the usual suspects from Edinburgh, mostly catsfather and féarglas, which meant I could not pick one off as I crossed the Meadows and had more walking to do.

Surviving my trip to the dentists will little more than a scrap and polish, though his new dental assistant isn’t as good as the previous and I found that water from the ultrasound scraper kept pooling at the back of my throat, meaning I had to stop him to swallow. Anyway, my next target was across in the Slateford area, at zone LoanRobber, held by whit1001. I should say that I’m on foot today, no efficient bicycle or kick scooter, and walking hurts my hip. So, I’ve restricted myself to only zones directly on the route, forgetting about any zones nearby, which I would have taken had I been using the bike or kick scooter.

Popped into the Four Square cafe, a charity supporting people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, in Saughton Park, for an Americano and fruit scone. While the coffee was fine the scone was rather dry and not very enjoyable. Probably should have gone for one of the cakes instead. However, now refuelled and buzzing with caffeine, I continued my quest and walked across to Carrick Knowe, taking a zone from NF44 and adding another turfer unique to the days tally. My plan now was to hitch a ride to Princess Street, then wander on down to London Road for a spot of herpetology, or is that astrology and herpetology? And fortune was on my side today, as I walked down a short path from the cycle path onto Corstorphine Road, a No 31 Bonnyrigg drew up a few minutes later and I hopped aboard. The reptiles in question were actually Scorpio73 and Redsnake, both holding zones on London Road.

There was still a few other turfer unique zones in Edinburgh, granitemike held one out at Cammo, srocmikej also held one at Cramond and there was a cluster of zones held by cloisters out at the Bonaly area, but those are tasks for another time. Actually, hunting turfer uniques was one of the reasons I’ve order a new bicycle, yes, a bicycle with gears! I hope to use the new bike, a Ribble CGR SL, rather than the bus, to ride from Bonnyrigg and grab all these remote turfer uniques. But we shall have to wait and see. That’s all folks.

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