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Turf Zone – BryansStop

Out turfing Newtongrange this morning and as always enjoying the steep climb from the River South Esk up to the town. Or should I say not enjoying the climb? Hmm, not sure actually. I’m finding that the more I turf on the single speed the easier all these hills are becoming, which means I must be getting fitter all the time. And while on that topic, I was watching a YouTube video posted on Always Another Adventure. It looks at three tests to assess fitness for age. I gave them a try. You might as well, it could be encouraging, or perhaps, discouraging.

The results for myself were interesting, at least, though I should point out these tests should not be taken too seriously. With the first test, the sitting-rising test, I came out above average for my age. Off to a good start then. The second test looks at when will I slip my mortal coils and depart from this earth which had me living to 2063, giving me the ripe old death-age of 102. Still another 40 years left in me then. I wonder if I’ll be riding my bike, or even turfing then? The final test of the three, looks at levels of fitness for age, gave me the fitness level for a 41-year-old. Nice to know that when you are 62 years old! Remember, just some fun and not too serious.

Next, bikes. Yes, bikes again. I suspect not many cyclists actually do this but I regularly check my tyres for imbedded objects like thorns, glass and sharp stones that might be burrowing their way towards the inner tube. Today I found a shard of sharp glass and prised it out, instantly resulting in the hiss of escaping air. However, no need to panic, I just spun the wheel for a minute or so and the tyre sealant did its job and sealed the leak. I lost about 5 psi but not enough to make any difference. I also checked again later and no more air lost. So, it pays to add some puncture sealant to your tubes, OKO Off-road Sealant in this instance. I buy the agricultural/construction vehicle version as it’s cheaper than bike specific stuff.

Now, you know the stamina medals, 400 zones in 24-hours, 200 zones in 24-hours, and so on down. I was wondering if it would be nice to have some similar medals, smaller, yet equally challenging in their own way. For example, how about extending the 30 zones in 60 minutes for the Darkest Ninja medal? Say, 60 zones in 2-hours, 90 zones in 3-hours and 120 zones in 4-hours. I’d suggest calling them the Crazy Rabbit, the Crazy Fox and the Crazy Badger. Still challenging but not so time consuming. Just a thought. Back soon.

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