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Turf Zone – Bonnyrigg

Task No. 16 – 16th December – You Can Not Be Serious?

Easy(ish) Option
Take any 5 zones of your choice and “during the take time” you are required to observe the following:

Any species of domestic doggie or moggie.
A wheeled device without a motor.
Any species of flying thing with feathers.
Any person not carrying anything.
A vehicle carrying at least 4 humans.

Challenging Option
In addition to, and as described in Easy, take a further 5 zones while observing the following:

Any aerial object that is not a bird or plane.
A building where Kit-Kats may be bought.
Something that shows your own reflection.
Any sign that gives a mandatory instruction.
Anyone with fluorescent or reflective clothing.

One zone for each. Photos optional but sharing is welcome.

Off to a great start for “Any species of domestic doggie or moggie.” at zone Brixwold, first take of the morning, with a dog walker offering me a choice of the dog or the owner carrying the doggy-doo to the nearby bin. Opted for the dog. Next stop zone LadyMarion where a friendly herring gull passing overhead, decided to take a crap which missed me by inches. So that gave me “Any species of flying thing with feathers.” Onwards and I stop at zone PisaForest. Not very hopeful at first but then I realise if I move further into the grass, I can see myself in a house window. Not sure what the man who was looking out at me was thinking but “Something that shows your own reflection.” competed.

Next up the hill for zone AuldChester. Area quite dead at first but stopping outside the zone to wait gave dividends when an elderly gent appeared around the corner. As he was not carrying anything, that’s “any person not carrying anything.” in the bag as well. Next zone was AuldCoal where I again stopped just outside the zone and scanned about for possibilities. Not very hopeful at first but the sight of the No 31 bus soon gave me a happy smile as I moved in to take the zone. “A vehicle carrying at least 4 humans.” ticked off the list. I’m assuming they were actually humans but you never can tell.

Another short climb and we are sitting just outside zone Skeltiemuir. Waited for a few minutes and was about to give up when I heard the rhythmic clatter of a helicopter to the west. This fitted the bill for “Any aerial object that is not a bird or plane.” While a helicopter is an aircraft it is clearly not a plane. So happy with that one.  Should have perhaps stated aircraft in the category rather than plane but there you go.

My plan now was too cycle up to Rosewell and take a few zones, hopeful that I could tick a few more of the list. Only two zones offered up good options. Zone HalfwayPath gave me ” A wheeled device without a motor.” when a woman and child cycled past me on the cycleway. Earlier, before I reached the zone, I passed a young couple with a pram but they were out of sight when I reached the zone, vanished around the curve of the old railway line. Only other useful zone was NoHorseFires, again I came across two ladies leading a horse and both complied with “Anyone with fluorescent or reflective clothing.” I dashed for the zone, turned around and could still see them way down the road. Another tick complete.

I now only required another two zones, one for “Any sign that gives a mandatory instruction.” and another for “A building where Kit-Kats may be bought.” First one was bagged at zone CatSchool with a No Entry Except Buses and Taxis sign at the school. The final one was zone Bonnyrigg where the Premier supermarket across the street has Kit-Kats for sale. I’ve bought them there on occasion. Mission complete.

Turf Zone – Skeltiemuir

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