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Turf Zone – Skeltiemuir

Task No. 19 – 19th December – Turf Minutes

Easy Option
This task is based in the Ghost Minute where you take a Holy zone during the minute after midnight. Task No. 19 is to complete 5 turf minutes in a row, each 5 minutes apart. For example, if your first turf minute is between 10:00 and 10:01, the next turf minute would be 5 minutes later between 10:06 and 10:07, and so on. Do not take any other zones between your turf minutes. Your first and last zones must have an attribute.

Challenging Option
In addition to, immediately after, and as described in Easy, complete another 5 turf minutes. Simply, 10 turf minutes in total, each 5 minutes apart. In this option your attribute zones would be the first zone in the Easy Option and your last zone. Bonus entry in the prize draw if you take any attribute zone one minute after midnight.

My original plan was to start at a bridge zone near the house, zone Pittendreich, work my way across town and finish at a monument zone, GeorgeWarMem. However, I did notice a great idea that turfer ESOCWalter had posted, a straight linear route. A much better plan. I had one like that locally, down the length of the Dalkeith to Penicuik cycleway and as luck would have it there’s a bridge zone to start and a train station zone to finish, and 10 easy zones in total. Only one main point of possible serious delay and that would be crossing the usually busy B704 at zone SignsOfHumans. But as it turned out, traffic was light, so not an issue.

Everything all went to plan but I cannot say I found the challenge every enjoyable, or fun. Too slow and tedious waiting at the zone for my liking. It was also very cold waiting at the zones, with a chill westerly wind blowing down my neck. And about half way though the task I started to need a pee, and with no-where to go, no time or opportunity to go even if there was, I just had to cross my legs and hold it in. I also rode straight into one zone when I should have stopped outside of it. But managed to get back out before the take completed. Guess I should not have been watching that pair of bullfinches feeding in the hawthorn!

Also found the 5-minute gap timing a bit vague. Mind you I had originally decided upon a 10-minute gap and only changed to 5-minutes a day or so ago. Might tighten the time parameters if I use this again next year. Must also keep in mind that not everyone uses a bicycle, and should cater of those on foot as well. However, good to get out turfing regardless. Back soon.

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