Turf Blog 20-12-23

Turf Zone – NewtonChurch

The main issue I have with turf advents, and there are a few others as well, is that it interferes with normal turfing. Why you might ask? Well, if out turfing normally, I would usually clear an area of zones, say taking all the zones in Bonnyrigg and Dalkeith, then head further out for more. However, doing this during a turf advent event tends you mean you snooker yourself as the zones are then blocked for the next 23 hours. Tends to make things much more difficult.

Anyway, I’m finished with this year’s turf advent and normal turfing service will now be resumed. It would be fair to say I’ve had enough. In fact, using a fine Scottish word might be a better term. That word is scunnered. I’ve done some tasks and enjoyed most of them but will now leave the remainder to others. I just want to get on with normal turfing, ride my bike and take a few zones. Of course, I’ll still be posting the remaining tasks, so no need to worry about that. Just might not be attempting them myself.

Actually, I have a dream, or more accurately, two dreams. One is to take 750,000 points in a single Round and gain that cherished Roundpointer-750k medal. The other dream is similar, to take 1,000,000 points is a single Round and gain the Roundpointer-1M medal. The former might just be possible. The other, well, will likely stay as a dream. So, I need to get out there far more often and simply go turfing. Get some mileage under my belt, increase my stamina and take some zones, then a few more zones and still more zones after that. I have the bikes; I have the time and I have the dream. Should be fun!

And finally, to finish. I took 54 zones today and just out of interest wondered if I’d actually completed today’s advent task No 20, to take 15 different zones that match 15 different requirements. And guess what, and without actually making any deliberate effort, I actually completed the task. There you go. Off to catch up on Reacher Season 2 and Fargo Season 5. Back again soon.

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