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Turf zone – ArthursSeat

Since my last post, and with far too much time on my hands, my over-active mind has been thinking up new unofficial medal ideas, some sensible, some not so sensible and one series most definitely not very sensible. You will know that one when you see come across it. So, on this page I just want to share a few words about one of the medals, or rather medal series, the Seven Hills.

The idea for the Seven Hills as a challenge isn’t something new, there’s been a foot race called the Seven Hills of Edinburgh Race and Challenge since the early 1980’s, and Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club took it further and added Turf zones to the challenge. There are five medals in this challenge series.

East Lothian
BruntHill, ChestersFort, HopetounView, GullaneHill, BerwickLaw, QueenMarysMt, TraprainLaw.

ArthursSeat, BlackfordHill, BraidView, CaltonHill, HillGate, TheHillTower, Craighill.

BenartyHill, Craigluscar, FerryHills, HillOfBeath, TheBushman, Whirligig, TheBinn.

ArnistonBing, BraidLaw, CampHill, CampWoodHill, TheHillFort, LawheadHill, RamsayBing.

West Lothian
BinnsHill, BinnyCraig, Cairnpapple, CockleroyHill, UFOFlyBySpot, 5SistersBing, SeafieldLaw.

I completed the Seven Hills of Edinburgh on my Swifty Air kick scooter back in July and you can read about that in Turf Blog 01-07-22. I’ve yet to tackle any of the others but have taken a few of the zones in East Lothian and Midlothian. More exciting turf fun for another day. Back soon.

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