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Turf zone – Bannockrigg

Here we are, the final results of many days of exhausting work at the computer screen, sleepless nights and too much coffee, probably the 20th version of the zone list for my Midlothian A2Z Mission. All that remains now is to actually set a day and get cracking.

Feel free to have a go yourself and let me know how you get on. I will say the final zone might be the killer. The only Z zone in Midlothian is ZoneMayBurn in Loanhead, requiring a final 2.5 mile cycle from Bonnyrigg to Loanhead, after you’ve just knackered yourself taking the other 25 zones. All the best.

  1. AuldCoal (Bonnyrigg)
  2. Bannockrigg (Bonnyrigg)
  3. CatSchool (Bonnyrigg)
  4. DobbysSock (Bonnyrigg)
  5. Eskbank (Eskbank)
  6. FreeKick (Bonnyrigg)
  7. GeorgeWarMem (Bonnyrigg)
  8. Hardengreen (Eskbank)
  9. IKnowBroom (Bonnyrigg)
  10. JamesTheLean (Dalkeith)
  11. Kippielaw (Dalkeith)
  12. Lauder (Dalkeith)
  13. MinerMemorial (Dalkeith)
  14. Newbattle (Eskbank)
  15. OneHare (Penicuik)
  16. PenicuikC (Penicuik)
  17. QueenDean (Penicuik)
  18. Rullion  (Penicuik)
  19. Scuilkin (Penicuik)
  20. TwinMosaic (Penicuik)
  21. Uttershill (Penicuik)
  22. Valleyfield (Penicuik)
  23. WaverleyPath (Bonnyrigg)
  24. XRaySpex (Bonnyrigg)
  25. YourDiary (Bonnyrigg)
  26. ZoneMayBurn (Loanhead)

And finally, summary of the rules should you wish to give this a try.

  • zones must be taken in alphabetical order, i.e. A to Z.
  • no other zones should be taken between the A to Z zones.
  • the time limit is 260 minutes or 4 hours 20 minutes.
  • should be completed in a single turf session.
  • can be tackled using any means of turf-legal transport.
  • revisits are permitted.

If you are trying this yourself, load this page on your mobile phone and click each of the A2Z zone links above. The Turf Map page will then open up at the zone location. I wonder what I’ve let myself in for? Bye for now.

Note: 24-10-22, various zones changed to refine route.

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