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Turf Zone – Waverley

Well, that’s that. The Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023 is over and we can all get back to the incredibly serious and often crazy-mental business of normal turfing again. Sorry for the disruption. So, how did this turf advent go? A tricky one that to answer. I guess the fact that people actually took part would suggest it went reasonably well. Turfers in foreign lands such as England and Sweden also took part, adding to that. And when I get messages saying that turfers actually enjoyed themselves, had some fun and expressed their thanks, helps make is all worth while and encourages me to continue, as does the rewards of a pile of Kit-Kats arranged by turfer ESOCWalter.

So, what about next time? Will there actually be a next time? The answer to that is yes, though no fixed guarantees at the moment as there’s a lot of thinking to be done. I’ve already started jotting down some notes for next year, a few ideas, themes and the like. It’s going to be difficult to come up with 24 totally different tasks but with a full 12-months of time to play with, I’m sure enough inspiration particles will strike the few remaining brain cells in my head. The ones that have survived the trials, stresses and tribulations of this turf advent, that is. Some previous tasks may be re-used again, other tweaked here and there and some deleted entirely.

One problem I do face is writing the tasks so that they are easily understood my everyone. Though I suspect that is an impossible mission. I read them over and over again and I see no problem with the wording, yet others still want further clarification. Not sure how I can resolve that one. If I write them in a totally strict fashion, with rigid guidelines, rules and parameters, I may find that some turfers are excluded and that is something I want to avoid. I still cannot understand why some of the tasks were not patently obvious. Perhaps it’s just me. Or perhaps, it’s just them.

Anyway, back to normal turfing for a while, to chase down that Roundpointer-750K medal, that Diversiest medal and the El Staminatore medal. Time, I got those ticked off the list. But what else is in the pipeline this coming year? On the turfing front, ideas for an Easter Turf Challenge involving bunny rabbits and Easter eggs are rattling about in my head, along with a treasure hunt style turf challenge with “real” medals. All early days yet. The most challenging idea I’m mulling over is a monthly turf challenge but that is proving exactly that, challenging, to come up with 11/12 different tasks for the year ahead.

On the bicycle front, I still looking at building that dream bike, something with a carbon fibre or titanium frame, Gates belt drive and single speed, of course. Perhaps might even make it an e-bike as well. However, will need to clear out space in the shed, so some bikes and kick scooters may have to go. Tempted to sell the Surly Ogre and Surly Pugsley but will probably strip than down for storage in the attic. Can always change my mind later. Anyway, thanks to all for taking part in the advent, for the kind words of encouragement when I was getting pissed-off with all the daft questions and generally being a nice bunch of turfers. Back soon.

P.S. Remember to send in any feedback on the Turf Scotland Advent Calendar 2023. Email to advent@planetgary.org.uk. Or you can use the blog contact form.

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