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Turf Zone – Gilberstoun

Saturday the 27th. A rather tiring day on the Harley Quinn single speed bike today, out across Edinburgh to Portobello and back via Musselburgh but a good 72 zones taken, so well worth the effort. This would not usually be a tiring route, even on the single speed bike and with a strong headwind on the return, but a recent visit to the physiotherapists to assess an issue I’m having with my left leg feeling a tad out-of-sort when walking has added a few additional aches and pains from all the manipulation. But, fingers crossed, another visit or two and some specific exercises will work wonders.

I’m still amazed at the attention the bright colours of the Harley Quinn bring. Along with¬† the many comments of “cool bike, dude”, on one occasion an entire family where beaming from ear to ear about the bike and asking to take photographs. Of course, always happy to oblige. And there was me thinking I was fed up with the bright colours and had almost decided to have the bike powder-coated next week. Might or might not, still to decide. Feeling like I want to be less conspicuous again.

Sunday the 28th. On the topic of bicycles, came very close to buying another bike this morning. Had the list down to two models, the Ribble CGR 725, the one with the Reynolds 725 steel frame and Shimano 105 group set. Yes, a steel frame. Compared the aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium frames and there was little difference in weight but a fair hike in price. And to be honest, I’m still old-school and just love the traditional feel of Reynolds steel tubing. The other was also from Ribble, the Ribble CGR Al e, the e-bike version with an aluminium frame, which is not my ideal choice. Once built a 9Zero7 fat bike with an aluminium frame and hated it.

What put me off? Well, I was very tempted as the stated delivery date for both was 02 Feb – 09 Feb 24, about two weeks away. However, once I completed the shopping cart, it was showing that inner tubes were out of stock until 03-03-24, which is a bit annoying, adding another month to delivery. Okay, it’s not all that far away but you know how it is. You see something and you want it now! Anyway, I contacted them and asked what the actual delivery date would be. Waiting for a reply.

Then, and there’s always a then. We were out turfing on the bikes, that’s me and ChoccyMuffin, cycling up to Rosewell to visit The Steading for lunch. And when I say we were turfing, it was actually ChoccyMuffin who was turfing, I left all the zones for her and just enjoyed the ride. And I’m thinking, the Surly Ogre single speed is running smooth and sweet, is exactly what I want and never lets me down, in fact, has never let me down in over 10-years. Is another bike going to be better than this? Okay, it might have gears, it might have electric assist, but will it be better? Will it be better than either the Surly Ogre or my other single speed, the Genesis Day One based Harley Quinn? I suspect not and I’ll be disappointed. Might be wrong but I think I will be disappointed. Better hang fire for now.

So, what next? You may think I’m daft but I’ve gone off the idea of brightly coloured bikes and kick scooters and find myself harking for something plain and simple, and less obvious. I’m going to start with the Surly Ogre, who’s paint job is far from perfect and get the frame, forks and handlebars powder-coated at Pentland Powder Coatings in Bonnyrigg. The colour I’m tempted with is RAL 6005, otherwise known as British racing green, though I have a few others in mind as well, like Henry Fords favourite, gloss black. I’ll spray paint the wheel rims myself in good old-fashioned hide-the-dirt black. And that’s a job for tomorrow. Crazy eh? From all the bright colours that can find to the darkest colour of the night. Back soon.

P.S. 29-01-24. Just looked at the Ribble CGR 725 and Ribble CGR Al-e bikes again. Delivery is now stated online at 31 May – 07 June 24 for both. That’s that then.

P.P.S. it’s now at 03 Feb – 10 Feb 24. What the heck!

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