Turf Kalender 2021

Sunday 28th November saw the start of a longer fun event in the turfing world, Kalender Turf 2021. Participants are given, by email and through social media, a turf assignment, to be completed the following day. Being new to this event, the exact nature of the assignments are unknown to me but from previous events will likely be something along the lines of, take 10 zones, or take two 170 tph zones, and so on. It’s all a bit of fun and you never know what the assignments are going to be. I’m going to post my personal experience of each assignment here each day.

The rules seem fairly straight forward. The assignments are announced late in the evening on the day before they should be completed. Timings are UTC, standing for Coordinated Universal Time. Why it’s not CUT, I don’t know. No time adjustments are required at this time of year in the UK as British Summer Time is not in effect. The assignments should be completed within the 24 hour period, namely midnight to midnight. As this is simply a fun event there are no medals or prizes. The idea is just to enjoy yourself. This year, Kalender Turf runs from 28th November to 22th December inclusive. The word Advent comes from the Latin phrase “Adventus Turfini”, meaning the arrival of Turfo. Personally, I’d like to see the eating of chocolates included somewhere.

Some useful links:

Wednesday 22nd December – Final Day: “God Jul” / “Merry Christmas”
Visit zones that contain the letters to one of these greetings in their zone names. The mission is completed when you’ve gathered all the letters in the chosen name. Capital or lowercase letters don’t matter and you only need one letter of each type. Good Luck!

Since there’s a lot of participants completing the calendar this year we’re doing a raffle in the shape of Turf Supporter days. Everything to Support this thing we all enjoy. 1st prize: 100 days, 2nd & 3rd: 50 days. Best Regards, Olleklunk, MiniHolger, DIProgan & Battigoal.

My original thinking was to visit two local Holy zones, both which would provide enough characters to complete “Merry Christmas” but that seemed a bit of a cheat, so decided to head further afield, take a few zones at random and keep my fingers crossed that I’d have enough letters to complete the task.

But before I could get started, my Surly Ogre bicycle needed some tender loving care. You may have noted from previous blogs an ongoing issue with grinding from the drive chain, so it was out into a freezing cold shed at 7.30 am this morning for some emergency surgery. This would be a job for Bicycle Repair Man.

I’d recently replaced both chain and rear sprocket but the problem soon re-occurred. However, this time I’m going to replace the entire drive chain – new rear sprocket, new chain and new front chainring. I suspect not doing so previously has resulted in the replacement chain and rear sprocket wearing out quicker than normal, the worn front chainring accelerating the wear, though it doesn’t actually look worn.

Having the correct bike tools for the job makes all the difference and by 9.00 am I was road testing the Ogre. Just as well as my fingers were numb with handing cold metal parts and tools. All beautifully smooth and quiet. I’d also replaced both tyres following the rear tyre getting slashed a few days ago. Once you get a 10 mm cut right through the rear tyre, the tyre is compromised and even the smallest bit of sharp grit or sliver of glass will easily slip through that wound. Better to replace that risk punctures. Installed a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28″ x 1.75″ tyres, slightly smaller than the 2.0” tyres they are replacing. They have proved faster running and quieter than before, though the tread is less aggressive and will not fare so well off road.

After a coffee, I cycled down to a very chilly Musselburgh and back, collecting a good 50 takes which proved to have more than enough letters to not only complete “Merry Christmas” but “God Jul” as well. Excellent. But boy was it cold. I was wearing two pairs of trousers and four layers on top. My body was warm as toast but my fingers and toes were fair nipping with the cold. Must do something about that.

Tuesday 21st December – Day 24
Visit any zone at the last minute of any calendar hour e.g. 8:59 to 9:00. Optional: Christmas decorate a zone and upload a photo somewhere for us to see. Good Luck.

Well, went out to take zone Pittendreich just before 6.00 pm but my brain stayed at home and I took the zone between 6.00 and 6.01 pm. What a Muppet! However, went out again later and whizzed around Eskbank taking a few zones then finally taking zone Hardengreen between 6.59 and 7.00 pm. Hopefully mission accomplished.

Monday 20th December – Day 23
Visit four different types of attribute zones.

Nice easy one today and it’s not raining. Picked off a couple of Bridge attribute zones close to home, zones Pittendreich and Brixwold. Then a Holy attribute at KickCockpen. For the third type it was up to zone GeorgeWarMem in Bonnyrigg for a Monument attribute. For the fourth and final attribute type, I decided that zone Eskbank with the Train Station attribute would do nicely. However, turfer Hodge had been through the area this morning and left plenty of red zones for the taking, so I included a quick cycle around Dalkeith and Eskbank as well. Might as well get some points and I also had Christmas cards to deliver for Cathryn.

On the down side my Surly Ogre drive train is making grinding noises again. So, a belt and braces approach this time and on with a new front stainless steel chainring, heavy duty single-speed chain and a new rear sprocket. I’ll check the bottom bracket, pedal bearings and rear hub when I take the cranks off. Fingers crossed. Right Mr Surly Ogre, if you don’t stop misbehaving you will be retired and replaced with a nice new shiny titanium framed Ribble gravel bike. Are you listening?

Sunday 19th December – Day 22
Today’s mission is in UTC-time only, regardless of where you live. If, when this day is over, you’ve taken the most zones starting with the letter X, you belong to Team X. The same goes for all the letters. When the day is over, the total sum of zones taken by all the kalenderTurfers is calculated. The Team with the most zones taken move on, all other teams lose. If you’ve taken the same number of zones for two or more Teams, you don’t belong to any of them. If two or more Teams end up at the same number of zones taken, both teams move on.

Okay, before we begin, a for-self-to-do list:

  • decipher mission instructions. Done.
  • decide on which letter to go for. That will be “S”.
  • find out if I’m still a participant. Yes, I’m in. F.A.B.

Thunderbirds are go!

Today was not a very nice day for bicycle turfing, for hunting down zones beginning with the letter “S”. It was more a day for hunting down zones starting with the letter “D”. Zones with names like Dreich, Dreary, Dismal, Damp and Drookit. It was a day where the clouds were at ground level, or more accurately at cyclist eye level, rather than up in the sky where they should be. It was a day when so-called waterproof gloves fail the trade description act, and raindrops and snot drip off your nose, and you need to stop and clear your spectacles to avoid cycling into parked vehicles and a day where the raindrops find those little hidden gaps, like the back of your neck, and start running down your back to form a puddle in your underpants. It was that type of day.

But I answered the Call of Duty and sought out those zones beginning with the letter “S”. Yes, only seven of them, enough to keep up my Five-A-Day going and a few spare just in case, and enough to keep me in the game. They say that there’s no such thing as bad weather only poor clothing and I agree entirely with that. I have poor clothing. Time to do something about it.

“Dear Santa,

I have been a very very good boy this year though my Cathryn my wife might say otherwise. Please can I have a real Gore-Tex waterproof jacket and matching troosers with reflective bitz like Lance Armstrong has but without the drugs. And a pair of real Gore-Tex waterproof gloves. And a spare pair of real Gore-Tex waterproof gloves just in case. And magic “Harry Potter” spectacles that don’t get wet in the rain and can see in the dark. And really loud air horns to scare the shit out of arrogant dog walkers who refuse to move aside to let me past. And a phased-plasma rifle in the 40-watt range. And a Jack Russell terrier puppy called Rambo. And please don’t make Nicola Sturgeon the Queen of Scotland. If you don’t mind.

Thank you, Gary, age 6(0)”

“P.S. Especially the bit about Nicola Sturgeon. And Cathryn says I’m too old for a  phased-plasma rifle in the 40-watt range as I might hurt myself or kill someone.”

Saturday 18th December – Day 21
Perform a Crowdy or Assist with one or more turfers.

Not so easy this one. Distinct lack of local turfers around so decided to create one, just needed a volunteer to take up turfing and my wife Cathryn offered her services. PlanetCathryn was born. We tried at zone WayOfBaird but didn’t seem to work, possible because her setup hadn’t been fully completed. Went out again later to zone PeacocksBeard and all seemed okay. A message popped up on my phone to say assisted PlanetCathryn and she got a Crowdy-1 medal. So, fingers crossed all okay.

Friday 17th December – Day 20
Another day, another mission. Visit zones whose names contain the letters in the turf name of one of the Kalender Turf organizers (Battigoal, DIProgan, MiniHolger or Olleklunk). The mission is complete when you’ve gathered all the letters in the chosen name. Capital or lowercase letters don’t matter but for duplicates the same amount of letters need to be found. Good luck and may the zones be with you!

The Plan. Not sure this will work but off to Haddington today hunting uniques with the Swifty Air kick scooter. Going to take all the zones there and then check if I’ve collected enough characters for ALL four names. Hopefully, will just need a few more characters when back home in Bonnyrigg. Should be fun!

Fast forward three hours on a Swifty Air kick scooter, about a million kick scoots (500,000 each leg) and 40 zones taken. So, did it work? By the power of Castle Greyskull, it most surely did. First, I extracted all the taken zones names from Frut – which you may or may not have noticed, is turf backwards – and pasted them onto a spreadsheet. Beside them I entered all the characters from the four names, each character in a separate cell. Then I went through each zone name assigning characters to the turfer names. By the time I was half way through all four names had characters assigned to them. Sorted. Nice one. And thank goodness for that because I’m completely knackered.

Thursday 16th December – Day 19
The task for today is…

  1. Visit any 3 different attribute zones.
  2. Take zones from 3 different turfers, or make 3 revisits.

Note to self – take the zones in correct order this time! 🙂

The first part of today’s assignment was fairly straight forward, take three zones with attributes. I wanted to get this all finished early this morning as I was driving down to Selkirk later to visit mum, as dad is in hospital at the Borders General and not doing so well. I had two zones nearby, just yards from the house, Pittendreich and Wishart, so two down one to go. However, the next nearest one available was in Dalkeith, zone HolyDalkieth – two others were closer but I’d taken them yesterday and they were still counting down – so that was soon in the bag and that was the first part complete.

The second part of the assignment was to take three zones from three different turfers. Now, the downside of owning most of the local zones myself was a shortage of zones owned by others turfers. Rossewan had a few in Eskbank, so he would be my first victim. Sounds like I’m a turfing serial taker! One down two to go. Luckily, two other turfers had been to Dalkeith Country Park, TSTopper and ELO_PY, so they would be my next victims. My next best option would be to cycle across to Penicuik and take zones from the local turfers there, namely Aibo, Hodge and SparseRunner.

I entered the park soon after opening at 7.00 am and grabbed zone ParkOfSteel from TSTopper, followed by zone HowlandsPark from ELO_PY. Couple of humongous deer crossed in front of me. Thought they were roe deer at first, but pretty sure they were reindeer, though might just have been a trick of the early morning light. Down by the river a tawny owl was calling to me. Sounded like it was annoyed that I getting the way of him obtaining breakfast. Some poor small rodent with be squeaking no more.

Job done. Three zones taken from three different turfers. I just hoped that wasn’t three zones each from three different turfers? Probably not. With time to spare before heading down to the Borders, I grabbed a few more zones in the park, and also ticked off a few on the way back home. Finished.

Wednesday 15th December – Day 18
The assignment for today. Visit zones that holds the letters T U R F in their zone names. The mission is complete when you’ve gathered all four. Capital or lowercase letters don’t matter. The order does not matter and can be between 1 and 4 different zones. Easy.

Perusing the turf map revealed zones a plenty with T’s and R’s but not surprisingly, relatively few U’s and F’s. However, some industrious hovering-of the-mouse over a plentitude of zones reveled something interesting. Some zones had ALL the letters, T, U, R and F. And even better still, a handful of them were local to home. So, rather than mess about looking for individual letters, I could complete my assignment in one fair swoop, or rather, take.

However, one fair swoop would be utterly unsatisfying and boring to the extreme. How would I blog that? Been to the zone, taken it, finished. No, I think not. Firing up the grey matter – which isn’t actually grey at all, it only turns grey when you are dead and your brain gets pickled in preservative – I had an idea. Why not take all the local zones I could find with all the required letters? Much more interesting.

So, a mission was born and I was off on the trusty Surly Ogre, first to Gorebridge for zone, HUnTeRField. Next, down to Newtongrange for zone BUTleRField, then all the way across Dalkeith for zone PowerTURF. Finally, later that evening another turfing session in Bonnyrigg while Cathryn had taken over the house for a yoga session –and I desperately wanted to be somewhere else – gave me SelFsTRUggle up in the Polton area. I did find another two of the like, BulkTURF in Loanhead and zone DeltaTURF in Musselburgh, but I didn’t want to be too greedy. I enjoyed that! Wonder what will be next?

Tuesday 14th December – Day 17
Points hunt. Collect 100 points. It’s up to you which categories to perform and you can do them any amount of times. Points are earned for all categories that fits your take. e.g. Castle zone named “CastleTen” gives points for being a castle, for beginning with letter C and for having “ten” in the name. All categories concerning letters are not case sensitive.

5 points
Visit a bridge or holy zone.
Visit a zone where the name begins with A, B or C.

10 points
Visit a monument.
Visit a zone with “ten” or “tio” somewhere in the name.
Visit a zone in the last minute of any calendar hour. e.g. 8:59-9:00.
Grab a zone from someone that got a Gold medal.
Grab a zone from someone with the letter P in their name.

20 points
Visit a Ruin or Castle.

30 points
Given for every third attribute zone of the same type you visit.
Take a neutral zone.

50 points
Visit a zone where the zone name starts with X or Z.

100 points
Visit a Water zone.

? points
Do a crowdy, 5 points for every turfer included.

Nae worries this time. All sorted. See Turf Blog 14-12-21.

Monday 13th December – Day 16
And the assignment for today is…

  1. Visit any attribute zone
  2. Visit a zone north of the first taken attribute
  3. Visit a zone east of the first taken attribute
  4. Visit a zone south of the first taken attribute
  5. Visit a zone west of the first taken attribute

Don’t visit any other zones in between these 5 zones. Except for in the requested direction, zones can be located anywhere. It doesn’t matter if more zones than the first also have attributes.

Start point was zone Pittendreich, just 100m from the front door, a bridge zone. From there is was north for zone Wishart on the Penicuik to Dalkeith cycleway, then all the way back to the house and beyond for the east zone, PeacocksBeard. The south zone was KirkCocken and for the west zone, it was up to Bonnyrigg town center for the zone of the same name. Great fun!

Fast forward to 10.00 pm. Oh Cock, ( as James May would say), I’ve messed it up again by getting the order wrong. But first many thanks to all the kind turfers who got in touch to let me know. Much appreciated. So, I’ve been out into the freezing frosty night and gave it another go. Started at station zone Eskbank, north to zone Hardengreen, east to zone CollegeZone, south to StoneGate and finally west to A7View. Fingers crossed all is well.

Sunday 12th December – Day 15
Visit any zone with the letter Z somewhere in the name and visit any attribute zone. Looks like two tasks here and straight forwards enough.

My original plan this morning was to clear all the zones in the Mayfield area of Dalkeith, Newtongrange and Gorebridge. However, when the email for today’s assignment for Kalender Turf 2021 popped into the mailbox, I had another idea. As some turfers seem to take these assignments as a challenge to take as many as possible, I thought I’d go Z-zone hunting. With no quick and easy way to identify zone names that include the letter Z, the only option was to hover the mouse over each zone and check the name. On my local patch I identified the following zones:

  • Bonnyrigg – ArgylePlaza.
  • Eskbank – CollegeZone.
  • Dalkeith – MinersZone, ClarindaZone.
  • Easthouses – OldSchoolZone.
  • Mayfield – MayfieldPlaza, BevanZone, SqueezedIn, TheHumbleZone.
  • Gorebridge – BurnedZone.

I thought this might make a pleasant change from the usual slog around the same old zones just for the sake of points. And indeed it was a very pleasant cycle other than getting a puncture on the way to Gorebridge from Mayfield. Something very sharp had slashed a 10 mm long cut in the rear tyre, right through the tread and puncture resistant strip. I do recall something metallic clattering as I passed. Thankfully, the tyre sealant did it’s job perfectly with minimal air loss and I made it back home without needing to stop for repairs. With the size of the cut, I decided to replace the tyre and tube. Better safe than sorry.

Saturday 11th December – Day 14
Visit a zone with great personal significance for you while out turfing, for example, a favourite zone, a home zone, a special zone, etc.

My favourite zone is undoubtedly KirkCockpen, located to the south of Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. It was the place where I met my darling wife after her spacecraft made an unscheduled emergency landing in the adjacent field. The spacecraft’s automatic systems detecting the unique Fortean properties of the location. Cockpen & Carrington Church was built around 1818 but religious use of site dates back many millennia. Zone KirkCockpen sits on the confluence of three major, and very powerful, ley lines and a significant Bronze Age burial cairn and stone circle once stood here. The stone circle has been lost but the burial cairn is now believed to be hidden in the subterranean crypts of the church. Despite many attempts through official church channels, I have been unable to gain access. I suspect more clandestine efforts will be required. With respect to turfing and the assignment of Kalender Turf 2021, this was the site of my most treasured medal, the Ghost Minute, not an easy one to achieve with many of the local evil spirits, poltergeists, ghouls, bogeymen, fairies and the like doing their best to interfere. This site is best avoided at night without a competent and experienced guide.

Friday 10th December – Day 13
Visit three zones, each with a name length of seven letters/characters or less. Might not be so easy, this one!

But it was easy, though suitable zones were widely spread across Bonnyrigg. I started at Eskbank, with zone Eskbank at the railway station. First one ticked off the list, along with a few zones showing red which were just asking to be taken in the passing. Shame not too, I suppose. Then a wide lazy loop back up through Bonnyrigg, a few more revisits, and down the slippery-slidey Wee Brae for zone Wee and finally way up to the top of the town to the Poltonhall area for zone Flash. Assignment completed. Also picked off a few revisits to complete my Daily-5 and add a few points to the round tally.

Thursday 9th December – Day 12
Your assignment, should you choose to accept it is…visit any 3 zones where the last letter in the previous zone name is the same as the first letter in the next zone name e.g, CityZone, EastHall, LowerBridge. Ah, an easy one!

A scan of the turf map did not take long to identify three suitable candidate zones, namely, ArgylePlaza, Auldcoal and LothianSquare, all locally to Bonnyrigg, though well spread out across the town. However, quite by chance, I noticed another even better set of zones, CockpenBypass, Skeltiemuir and RobinAndTuck, and the best thing about this last set was they were all located along the Penicuik to Dalkeith cycle path, one after the other. Simples!

Wednesday 8th December – Day 11
And the assignment for the 8th is…visit zones where the zone names contain a total of 6 pieces/occurances of the letter “L”.

After yesterday’s debacle, I triple-read the assignment this time, making sure I was doing the right thing. A quick look at the turf app showed plenty of zones with the letter “L” locally and with turfer Cruachan having taken most of the zones in Eskbank and Dalkeith, that was my mission for the afternoon – I’d spent the morning decorating the spare room, so was glad to hang up the paint roller, at least for a few days. Collecting enough letter “L’s” was easy enough. HolyDalkeith offered up two, HolyBuccleuch another two, JamesTheLean a single, and Lauder, the final 6th. Assignment completed. And just to put icing on the cake, my Daily-90 medal also popped up on the mobile. Just another 90 days for the next one.

Tuesday 7th December – Day 10
Next assignment. Visit two different attribute zones without the letter “A” in the zone name. They can have the same attribute. Interesting and perhaps not so easy this time.

I must admit to really cocking this one up initially. Having misread the assignment instructions, I went out to take two attribute zones “with” the letter “A” in the zone name, namely DeanWoodPath (Bridge Zone) and Eskbank (Station Zone). What a dozy pillock I am. Fortunately, I also took a number of other zones during my session and luckily some of them matched the criteria for the assignment, i.e. zones Pittendriech (Bridge Zone), Brixwold (Bridge Zone) and KickCockpen (Holy Zone). Better be more careful next time.

Monday 6th December – Day 9
An easy assignment for a Monday, take two neutral zones. Should be simple enough, as long as they aren’t in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Though actually when might be a problem as we have visitors today. Grr!

It was 6.00 pm before I was able to head out to complete today’s assignment and also to get my Daily-5 and it would be fair it say I was getting a wee bit twitchy that I wouldn’t be able to actually take any zones. Anyway, decided to cycle up to Rosewell for the two neutrals and to take all the zones there, however, the cycle path was rapidly icing over and rather than risk a fall gingerly headed back home as soon as I’d taken the required zones.

Sunday 5th December – Day 8
And the Turf Kalender assignment for today is – take three neutral zones and for the Second Coming take two Holy zones.

After the round reset at 11.00 am, an hour on the Surly Ogre bicycle cleared all the neutral zones in Bonnyrigg, including one of the required Holy Zones, KirkCockpen. After lunch it was down to Eskbank and Dalkeith for the same, again taking all the neutral zones in the area, including the second required Holy Zone for the assignment. Job done.

Saturday 4th December – Day 7
Okay, here we go again. Visit one or more zones at three different calendar hours. The three hours cannot be connected. For example: 8:13 am, 2:11 pm & 10:57 pm is cool. However, 1:05 pm, 2:22 pm & 3:55 pm is not cool. Nae worries!

So, a quick wander locally on foot just after 8.00 am gave me my Daily-5, then it was back home for coffee. Part one completed. After a few household tasks, it was out again just before 11.00 am, this time on the Surly Ogre. A quick cycle around Bonnyrigg, picking off a few zones and zooming back home before the weather turned nasty. And right on cue the rain started, soon turning to sleet, then to heavy snow. My hopes that it would start to settle were initially granted but soon dashed as it melted later in the afternoon. Part two completed. Watched a good film on Amazon Prime in the afternoon, Dr. Sleep, starring Ewan McGregor. It’s based on a Stephen King novel and is a sequel to the 1980 film, The Shining. Late evening and out again on the bike for a final session. Weather wet, cold and miserable but assignment completed.

Friday 3rd December – Day 6
Cannot wait to open the “virtual” Advent window and see what the assignment will be? And here it is – take a zone from three different turfers or do three revisits anywhere.

I needed a smidgen of thought to work out what “three different turfers” meant but only a smidgen, possibly even a nano-smidgen. I could do the three revisits anywhere but thought hunting down a few fellow turfers zones would be more interesting. Besides l couldn’t find a place called Anywhere anyway. Turfer ESOCWoody had swept through my local patch yesterday (good to meet you ESOCWoody!) and taken most of the zones, so I needed another couple of turfers. Eskbank had a few zones owned by local turfer Rossewan and fiery-haired Valkyrie-turfer ElsieSpanner had some down in Dalkeith Country Park, so that was my plan.

By the time I’d reached Eskbank I’d already done three revisits but decided to continue anyway. Zone Hardengreen was taken from Rossewan, so that was one of three and a popup on the phone screen informed me I’d gained another rank, Rank 45 – Turf Elder. Nice one! Zone Strawberries was taken from Pedro_delb, much to my surprise as I’d assumed it would be Rossewan, giving me two zones. Just needed another one to complete the assignment and BikeSlooowly gave me that, taken from ESOCWoody. Assignment complete and also my Five-A-Day as well. I continued on and did a short loop of Dalkeith Country Park, adding another 14 zones to the day count. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Thursday 2nd December – Day 5
Today’s assignment is…wait for it…take a zone with the letter “A” or “a” in the zone name.

A difficult one this and a choice to be made. But how to decide, an “A” or an “a”? Been up all night trying to make a decision and didn’t sleep a wink. Highly stressful this turfing lark! In the end went for a freezing icy walk around Dalhousie Castle and hoped for the best. Something less stressful tomorrow please!

Wednesday 1st December – Day 4
Today’s assignment – take two 170/+2 zones or revisit any two zones. Should be easy enough.

And indeed it was, with a refreshing cycle around Newtongrange in the afternoon. The morning was mostly rain and not very pleasant but the time was put to good use with some decorating – emulsion painting the living room walls – so easy enough and quite satisfying. One room done, another five to go. What fun! Kalender Turf has not been very challenging so far but how long will that continue, I wonder? Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for!

Tuesday 30th November – Day 3
A simple assignment today – take one 185/+1 zone.

Should be easy enough, unless you live in high-density turfer areas such as the City of Edinburgh, where 186/+1 zones might not be a common as out if the sticks in Bonnyrigg. Me, I’m going to do a quick cycle around Bonnyrigg and Dalkeith, taking back all the zones lost over the past few days. There’s a couple of 185/+1 zones, BroomieGolf and MelvilleGolf, either ideal for today’s assignment. Hopefully back before the forecast rain arrives.

Monday 29th November – Day 2
Today’s assignment – take three zones, of any type.

Having just had both my Covid booster jab and my flu jab at the same time (one in each arm, ouch!) – not the best idea I’ve had recently – and feeling as crap as crap can be crap, I’m thankful that today’s assignment is an easy one. A gentle stroll down to Tesco for supplies and another bunch of takes for the Daily-Five. I wonder that tomorrow will bring?

Sunday 28th November – Day 1
The first assignment, was to take one optional attribute zone, for example, a zone with a castle or bridge attribute.

With overnight snow, I was already planning to take the Pugsley fat bike to Rosewell for a quick turfing session and continue with my Daily-5. There was one bridge zone along the way, HopeBridge, which completes my Kalender Turf assignment for the 28th November. To find zone attributes, a good tip is to use https://turf.urbangeeks.org. Use the tag filter to show the location of specific attribute types.

Image above  courtesy of Örebro Turfers.

Copyright ©2021 Gary Buckham. All rights reserved.

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