Turf Blog 27-12-21

Okay, let’s get this over with right at the start. The above image is one of my Christmas presents from my darling wife Cathryn, the other being my Swifty One folding kick scooter. Apparently, and the entire family find this highly amusing, this little Lego chap is Ned Flanders, a character in the animated television series The Simpsons, and my cartoon-world look-a-like. Even the coffee mug and tool box are accurate. Actually, I quite like this but don’t tell anyone.

On the turfing front, all has been rather quiet since the finish of Kalender Turf 2021 on the 22nd which was highly enjoyable and now much missed. I’m dead chuffed to be a finisher and hope we all get the chance to participate again next year. Some 240 turfers took part and over 100 successfully completed the course. Now, the results of the prize draw:

The result is:

  •   1st place Qwicke – Västra Götaland – 100 supporter days
  •   2nd place anesys – Örebro – 100 supporter days
  •   3rd place ESOC-Q – Scotland – 100 supporter days

Junior prize goes to:

  •   SuperVera – Örebro – 50 supporter days
  •   Marklund111 – Örebro – 50 supporter days

Been wracking my brain to find something similar I could run in the meantime but nothing has come to mind yet. Again, many thanks to the Kalender Turf Crew.

Some of you may have noticed a new turfer in the vicinity of Bonnyrigg, going by the turf name PlanetCathryn. Yes, none other than my better half, financial controller and darling wife, Cathryn. This came about when I required an assist during Kalender Turf 2021. With no local turfers on the go, Cathryn volunteered and she has been taking a few zones ever since. We are planning a Ghost Minute for New Year night. As far as assists go I still find it very much a dark art and either need to do some homework or have a chat with one of the more experienced turfers in the area.

Oh yes, new zones. I suspect I’m not alone in getting rather excited when four new zones appeared as if by magic in Bonnyrigg. Santa Turf must have been in the area and dropped a few from his sleigh, or more likely his bicycle. Needless to say they have all now been taken. There’s also four new zones above Newtongrange which I hope to take, if someone else doesn’t get there first. Still, I’ll need to take them regardless as they are also uniques and I want to clear all Midlothian.

And finally, and only for the very bravest among you. There a little prank you can play on friends and family, though pick your targets wisely as there is a possibility that some may go totally-crazy-mental and not be very happy at all.

What to do is take your Covid-19 test cassette, which will hopefully be negative, then take a pen a draw a thin line where the positive result would be. For optimum results, and for example, wait until your New Year family gathering then say that you did a Covid-19 test but was unsure of the results and ask them to check for you. Watch for the fireworks. Caught Cathryn out at first but she caught on soon enough as I was smiling too much. This useful little jape might also be used for avoiding events such as weddings, annoying relatives who visit unannounced, birthday parties and going out for dinner.

Back soon.

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