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I’m going to start this page by jumping right in at the deep end and suggest that everyone should become a Turf supporter. Why you are probably asking, its free is it not? And yes, Turf is free to use but that does not mean it’s free entirely. Someone is paying out hard earned cash to keep Turf free for participants. To run Turf online requires paid hosting and that costs money. The domain name turfgame.com also costs money. Even the “s” in https costs money and there can be further online based costs as well.

So, what does it cost to become a Turf supporter? And the answer to that is not a lot. You can buy a support month of 30 days for only £3.09, 3 months or 90 days for £8.49 and an entire year for £30.99. That’s only 8.5 pence a day! You can sign up using the app on the phone by clicking on the lightning bolt symbol in the menu.

Supporters are also granted access to additional game features such as the ability to customise your icon wardrobe, for example wearing a Santa hat at Christmas, a more detailed overview of the leagues and players’ placements in the groups, loads more statistics, unique zones can also be displayed and if feeling generous to your fellow turfers, you can assign support days to other players and let them experience the benefits of becoming a Turf support. So, plenty of reasons to sign up and help keep Turf free.

Okay, that’s all well and good but I just cannot keep the real reasons why I signed up as a Turf supporter to myself. As a Turf supporter, as well as that feeling of having done something really good and worthwhile, your icon will show in the game wearing a cool lightning flash decal that makes you stand out from the crowd. I think it’s worth signing up just for that! It’s optional if you don’t want to be too flashy. And you also get a really cool sword if you take the dark ninja medal! Yes, I’m almost 60 years old but I don’t care.

One final thought has just popped into my mind. If a whole load of Turf players sign up and become Turf supporters, the increase in available revenue might just pave the way to some real world Turf goodies, such as Turf stickers, Turf badges and patches, perhaps even “I’m a Turfer! t-shirts. Well, just perhaps.

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