Turf Video 02-06-23

With the custom single speed bike project largely completed, it was time for a shakedown session around Bonnyrigg, of course, taking a few zones as well. And I must say I was very surprised how easy and relaxing it was riding a single speed bike, one with only a single gear and I didn’t miss having gears at all. Okay, Bonnyrigg isn’t all that hilly, so things might be different when I visit other more challenging locations.

Main issue with the bike is an intermittent clicking/clunking noise when pedalling. Not sure exactly what’s making the noise but when you look at the frequency of the noise occurring compared to what component is revolving, it’s either the rear freewheel (new) or the bottom bracket (old and reused). My money is on the bottom bracket. Either I’ve damaged it when removing from the paint job or when I re-fitted it afterwards. I’ve a replacement on order and will also replace the rear freewheel with a better quality version.

What I do miss is my frame bag and I will probably get one soon. I just don’t like carrying a waist pack or rucksack. Alpkit will make you a custom one for about £120.00 which is very reasonable when you consider it will fit your own bike frame perfectly, that is, assuming you create the design template accurately. That, and a small handlebar bag, will just about finish the project off. Another thought is mudguards. I have the original set I used with this frame but they have minimal clearance with the 35mm tyres. Some thinking required. Back again soon.

P.S. That movie I couldn’t recall in the video above was called Premium Rush. Trailer here.

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