Turf Video 10-04-23

Another lazy man’s turf video, this time Dalkeith and Eskbank. Managed an Eager Ferret in under 3 minutes, such is the wonder of time-lapse. Shame it doesn’t count. I should mention I actually do stop at junctions and look both ways and traffic that looks dangerously close isn’t really, it’s just an effect of the high apparent speed of time-lapse recording. Instead of 30 frames a seconds in normal video, it only takes 5 frames a second, or 1/6th, so 1 minute of real time equals 10 seconds of actual recorded time-lapse. By-the-way, the blue car I point out at 11:31 is a dream car of mine, A 2.3 litre 350 bhp all-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS in Nitrous Blue. Drool!

I’ve also been busy designing a stable mounting system to allow me to film myself turfing in the Surly Ogre. I’ve worked out that I can mount a selfie-stick vertically on the front carrier rack and put the Gopro Hero 10 camera on that. I can then get myself, parts of the bike and a lot of background in frame. However, while the onboard software stabilization does a fair job it’s still a bit wobbly, so I’m going to triangulate the selfie-stick with a couple of aluminium flat bars (salvaged from an old mudguard) to the handlebars. Just waiting for some P-clamps to arrive. I’ll also use the GoPro Max in standard GoPro mode mounted looking forwards and my old GoPro Hero 6 will be on the rear rack looked towards the rear. Should be fun! This would also be the ideal mounting point for the GoPro Max 360-degree camera. More fun!

Music used, listed in order of play:

  • Arcano – Viva La Vida (cover of the Cold Play song)
  • Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
  • Public Service Broadcasting – Everest!

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