Turf Video 09-04-23

I mentioned one of my new fitness encouraging mantras the other day, HardCore Hodge, so created after witnessing the amazing turf exploits of turfer Hodge, i.e. the Staminatrix and a 35 minutes Darkest Ninja. The term reminded me of a movie I once saw called Hardcore Henry. You can view the trailer here. The entire movie is shot FPV or First Person View, every clip in the movie is seen from the point of view of cyborg Henry, the main character. This is turn gave me an idea for a lazy-man’s turf video. I’d strap on the GoPro chest mount for first-person or point-of-view shots and record an entire turf session taking the zones around Bonnyrigg. However, if I recorded in real-time, viewers would have to sit though 60 minutes or more of me cycling, so I thought, time-lapse.

I set the GoPro to time-lapse mode 5x where 1 minute of recording will create 10 seconds of video along with horizon levelling. After a few test rides it looked okay so it was off around Bonnyrigg. Once back home at the computer I checked the footage and was delighted with the results. And the benefit of this type of one-shot recording is minimal editing is required. No need to trim and edit dozens of clips. All I needed to do was cut out one short section where I looked straight at the camera to check it was recording, add the zone name titles and bung on some background music. I wouldn’t normally add music to turf blogs but time-lapse obviously does not have audio.

Music used, listed in order of play:

  • Public Service Broadcasting – Go!
  • Gregoire Lourme – First Person Shooter (Choir Version)
  • Public Service Broadcasting- Night Mail
  • Gregoire Lourme – Epic Motivation (With Choir)

I’ve a few more ideas for similar videos, one is to film another attempt at the Eager Ferret on the Loanhead Ferret Run but I think a multi-camera setup will be better in this instance and standard speed rather than time-lapse. There’s also two long stretches of old railway line now used as cycleways, Penicuik to Eskbank, which includes some cool tunnels and the 5-mile long Roslin to Shawfair cycleway. Both ideal for time-lapse and similar music to the above. Enjoy. Hope you don’t feel too dizzy watching!

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