Turf Video 10-06-23

Regular visitors to Planet Gary will have come across various posts on the topic of single speed bicycles, my latest project, or rather, series of projects as there will be more than one. My first project is a single speed called Harley Quinn, who features in the video above. And the purpose of this video is to determine how a single speed bicycle performs off road with a specific setup of gear ratio and tyres.

In this video, I’m taking the newly minted and resplendent Harley Quinn turfing around the trails about Dalhousie Castle hotel in Midlothian, testing if a 2:1 gear ratio is practical in these off-road conditions, that’s a 34T chainring and 16T freewheel. Harley Quinn is also running a set of 35mm wide road touring tyres. This information will be used to determine the specification of my next single speed bicycle project, based on the Surly Ogre. This next build will be dedicated for off-road use rather than for mixed urban terrain on the Harley Quinn. A major part of all my single speed projects is to keep the weight to a practical minimum in an effort to help prevent injury to my dodgy back. More soon.

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