Turf Blog 04-09-22

Turf zone – KirkCockpen

The plan today was to take all the neutrals in Rosewell, Bonnyrigg, Eskbank and Dalkeith. I must admit a somewhat over enthusiastic plan on my part. Just before the 11.00 am round reset, I’m ready with my trusty Surly Ogre at zone PeacocksBeard, my usual starting zone when attempting to clear all Bonnyrigg. I’m never quite sure when to actually start turfing after the reset, it seems to take a few minutes for the totals to clear to zero. I tried restarting the app a few times but I reckon simply waiting 5 minutes would do the trick.

The zones on the bottom side of Bonnyrigg were my first targets, those below the railway line path. Then up the railway line path to Rosewell and a quick circuit there before back down the railway line for the second half of Bonnyrigg. By the time I was back at the house, two and a half hours had passed, given me 56 zones and almost 13,000 points. After some lunch, the prospect of tackling Eskbank and Dalkeith, and adding another 31 zones, would have been nice but I knew my back would suffer, so best keep them for tomorrow. In any case, a turfer not in Team Scotland had taken most of the zones, so those additional neutral points were gone. Will probably be out again on foot later this evening for some of the more less-visited zones locally, assuming they are still neutral for the taking.

Later that evening, I’m out turfing again, on foot this time, wandering the potentially nasty tick-infested trails and fields around Dalhousie Castle Hotel, adding another 12 zones to the days takes, 11 of them neutrals. And a good tally of wildlife as well, a hare, a roe deer, a young fox and two badgers, and not a single tick found so far, though at less than 1mm in size they are difficult to spot until you start itching. And best of all, my aching back isn’t aching too much, so will be able to get on the bike again tomorrow. Witnessed another flash of light in the sky. Possibly another shooting star but couldn’t see any trail. Back again tomorrow.

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