Turf Blog 05-09-22

Turf zone – ExitWhitehill

Monday morning. Wake up. Go for a No 1. Check Turf app. Wave ChoccyMuffin off to work. Breakfast with tea and crunchy peanut butter toast. Check Turf app again. Shower. Check weather forecast. Rain. Coffee with Kit-Kat. Watch The Grand Tour Series 1, Episode 2. Can anyone lend me £1.8 million to buy an Aston Martin Vulcan? Check Turf app. Wear some clothing. Go for a No 2. Coffee, no Kit-Kat. Check Turf app again. Check weather forecast. Rain gone. Go turfing.

Through Eskbank heading for Newbattle. Take a few zones. Give fright to college student wearing headphones. Avoid vicious attack from pack of Chihuahua mini-mutts. Paths though woods getting slippery with autumn leaves. Avoid broken glass in Woodburn estate. Find a penny on the path. I’m rich! Encounter supermodel out jogging in Woodburn estate, she smiles at me and says hello. Happy days!

Ran the gauntlet of school children during morning break. “Can ah hae a hurl oan yer bike, mister”. (Translation into English – Can I have a ride on your bicycle, sir). Bugger off ya wee *******! No connection at zone ExitDalkeith. Wait for a few minutes before moving on. Same at zone DalkeithHigh. Restart Turf app. No effect, move on again. Finally take zone ThriftShop after phone restart. Two zones not taken.

Cycled through Dalkeith. Obese man throwing ball for dog in park. Not the dog that needs the exercise. Puff my way in uphill from Ironmills Park in bottom gear. Cross the Eskbank roundabout alive and unscathed. Same again after zone Strawberries. Dodge traffic on A7 to take MelvilleGolf zone. Think some bushes have been removed since last visit. Last three zones taken in Eskbank, then head home for lunch. 32 zones taken.

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