Turf Blog 06-09-22

Turf zone – LochrinBasin

Tuesday morning. Wake up to a cup of tea brought to me in bed by ChoccyMuffin. What a darling she is! Check Turf app. Check weather forecast. Looks fair. Refresh weather forecast. Rain all morning but sunny in afternoon. Good, jobs to do this morning anyway. Out turfing after lunch. Started heading down to Musselburgh in afternoon but changed mind and opted for Newtongrange instead which also goes by the name Nitten. Why, I have no idea. B703 Newbattle Road closed for resurfacing but I go that way anyway. Always room for a bicycle. Ride on pavement due to very rough surface after scarifying. Bit of a slog uphill to Newtongrange. Grabbed about 20 zones plus another 9 on the way there and back. Resisted urge to call into Mutts Cycles for cuppa. Not fair to take up a busy working man’s time. Also managed a few zones in Bonnyrigg before the Cumulonimbus rolled in and Thor, the God Of Thunder, started playing with his hammer Mjölnir. Torrential rain and thunder and lightning put an end to turfing for the remainder of the afternoon.

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