Turf Blog 07-09-22

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Wednesday morning. Up first this morning so had to make the tea myself. Gutted a bit this morning. If only I’d been out turfing during yesterday afternoon’s torrential rain and accompanying thunder and lightning, I might well have spotted the waterspout tornado that was reported over Bonnyrigg. Oh well, perhaps next time. Musselburgh this morning and another 57 zones added to the tally. Always interesting riding down the shared riverside path. Encountered one young idiot wearing ear-encompassing headphones. He had a large black Hellhound on a length of string stretching across the path. Ting, ting, goes Ogre’s bell. Ting, ting. TING BLOODY TING! Bike, bike, I shout. Bike, BIKE! Oh sorry, I didn’t hear you. Of course, you didn’t you plonker. You’re listening to Iron Maiden, even I can hear it.

Anyway, weather was lovely for a turf run down to Fisherrow harbour then a loop around the old ash lagoons at Levenhall Links, then back home via Dalkeith Country Park. A few zones at Levenhall Links appeared inaccessible due to construction works to create two additional wildlife areas (link to plans). Dead chuffed that they are creating two additional flooded lagoons for wildlife. One seems to have three bird new hides as well. Hope they build them from vandal-fire-bomb-proof concrete or the local idiots will have them. Until tomorrow. By-the-way, only 3 more days until the Daily-365 in mine, all mine!

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