Turf Blog 08-09-22

The Met Office weather forecast suggested little risk of rain until 1.00 pm when thunderstorm’s were forecast. However, by 11.00 am it was starting to rain. Before long I was mildly moist, not long after I was soaking wet, and a wee while after that a stage of turfing-by-bicycle wetness known in the Scots language as droukit, which is akin to having been dipped in a duck pond fully clothed, like they used to do to suspected witches in days of old. I even felt wet on the inside though I’m not certain about that. Even my underwear was wet. Well, to be honest, it would have been had I been wearing any. Yes, well, it was only a forecast. Note to self – always take your waterproofs!

However, with hopes of beating the wet weather dashed, I was still able to accomplish my TURF 2022 mission for the day, to take back all the Bonnyrigg zones lost to local Team Scotland turfers yesterday evening, and also a few dotted across Eskbank and Dalkeith as well. Managed a good 43 zones before the word droukit became a reality and it looks like the rain is on for the rest of the day. And no I’m not going out turfing when its pissing down, even with waterproofs, competition or not. For me it has to be enjoyable and fun, not a chore and as I’m close to chucking in the towel regarding turfing anyway, because it is becoming a chore, that’s the way it is. I’ve only two days to go before the Daily-365 becomes a reality but after that who knows?

Not much to say about today’s turfing, though the GPS seemed to be a bit variable this morning. For example, at zone BurnbraePoint, I was able to take the zone from the road. Usually you have to enter the fenced area to take the zone and occasionally being able to take it from an outside corner. Same with zone HolyBuccleuch, usually from outside the church, today, I had to go inside. Similarly, at BikeSlooowly, I had to walk towards the police HQ rather than take the zone from the path. Probably just my mobile playing up. Back again tomorrow.

I want to share some handy wee gadgets I find useful for turfing at night called Glo Zip Pulls. They are simply little tags you add to any zip pull and they glow in the dark. I’ve found them very useful for helping me locate the zippers on my bicycle frame bags, handlebar bags and rucksacks. You can also add them to key rings, mobile phones, or anything really. I have one on my new Ledlenser MT14 torch. Really useful should you place to torch on the ground while it’s switched off and want to find it again.

No batteries are required. The blurb states they contain a substance called phosphor which radiates visible light after being charged by ambient light sources such as daylight, street lighting, torches, etc. There are two phosphors with these properties, Zinc Sulfide and Strontium Aluminate. Strontium Aluminate has a much longer persistence than Zinc Sulfide. The phosphor is mixed into a plastic and moulded to make the zip pulls. All very fine and well but I think they are powered by Nano-imps who pedal tiny bicycles with dynamos to generate the required electricity. You can get these on Amazon for about £1.00 each. Bye for now.

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