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Turf Zone – OneForSorrow

Every morning, and yes, I know this is very sad, perhaps even as sad as sad can be, so you don’t have to mention that, and before I get breakfast, get dressed or even visit to cludgie at the bottom of the garden, I logon the Turf/Warded and check for new zones in Midlothian. Yes, I know.

At 5:45 am this morning no new zones, so back to bed. Then, imagine my surprise when, at around 9.00 am and also later at 10.00 am fellow turfers Hodge and MuttsCycles respectively brought to my attention the fact that another zone had appeared in Midlothian. It’s called OneForSorrow. And what’s even better it was still sitting at FTT stage. So, off we go on the Harley Quinn single speed. This one is mine, hopefully. Good that my main rivals, Hodge and MuttsCycles were no-where in sight. Good of them to let me know all the same.

Now, there’s a strange coincidence about this new zone. Only yesterday I was washing the dishes in the kitchen, by hand I might add – we are just poor folks who cannot afford luxury domestic ware such as dish washers – when I noticed magpies gathering outside. After about 30 minutes I counted around 50 to 60 of them, all making a raucous racket. It looks like two different extended family groups having a territorial dispute. I’ve seen a few of these here previously. It was sheer murder* out there, if you will excuse the poor attempt at a magpie pun.

So, up pops new zone OneForSorrow, a line from the song/nursery rhyme known as the Magpie Song (also known as One for Sorrow, Two for Joy) which dates back to the late 18th century, and has changed over time.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret,
Never to be told.
Magpie, magpie, why do you sigh?
I sit so alone as the world goes by.
Eight for a wish,
Nine for a kiss,
Ten for a bird,
You must not miss.

The zone name seems to have been suggested by the adjacent street named Magpie Avenue. Does anyone remember the children’s TV series Magpie which used the above song as the theme tune? Preferred Blue Peter myself. Anyway, zone taken first so another FFT to add to the list. Back again soon.

*a group of magpies is called a murder.

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