Turf Blog 12-03-24

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Every time you go turfing you have decisions to make. No, not the one about whether I should eat that home-made jammy fruit scone or not, that is a forgone conclusion, obviously. It’s decisions like should I go turfing or not? Do I want to go turfing at all? What bike or kick scooter should I use? Or should I simply walk, or flash my Saltire Card aka bus pass and take public transport? Or use that alien personal teleport/time travel device I found in the woods? And where should I go turfing and for how long? Do I have enough free time to go turfing? And for some, am I actually allowed to go turfing, dearest darling sweetie pie?

Yes, lots of decisions to make as a turfer and my big decision today is should I chase those 14,000 points I require to get back into pole position in the League? I’ve now dropped into 3rd place with 138,000 points, 5000 behind Autumnman in 2nd place and 14,000 behind turfer benkeror 1st place. And when you have other things getting in the way of your turfing routine, like visits to the physiotherapist and sorting out car bi-annual service and MOT, well, more spanners in the works.

However, despite all the above, managed 75 zones today, adding 12,000 points which sounds great looking at the figures above yet I’m still 9,000 points behind the leader. Easy to forget I’m not the only one out turfing today. Not only do I have to close the gap but also match any points they collect as well. Which makes me wonder again why bother for nothing other than the status of having jumped up a league level.

And here’s a thing. In theory at least and probably not in the real work, it seems entirely possible that you could reach the Elite level without actually trying beyond what you might call “normal” turfing. Depending on who is in your group and if they are actively trying to gain promotion or simply turfing as normal, you could rise up the levels without any additional effort. Does that make the League rather pointless if turfers in it are not taking part? Perhaps it might be better to have the League as optional rather than compulsory. You would know if you were actually competing against others then. Not a criticism, just a thought.

Now, fast forward a few hours. Just collected the car from the Ford garage and it’s passed its MOT. Yippee! And it’s official, I’m not going to chase that pole position in the League. Quite a relief actually, takes the strain away from having to collect so many points every day to stay ahead. The gap is now around 20,000 points, which is actually do-able but far too much effort involved and takes me away from other turfing stuff like hunting turfer uniques and so on. Back soon.

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