Turf Blog 16-02-21

What a difference a day makes! Snow is largely gone locally with only a few isolated patches remaining in the more sheltered spots where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s even warm today, around 10 degrees, not quite shorts and t-shirt weather but getting there. It’s also quite windy with gusts over 30 mph, so why I decided to take the Swifty Zero kick scooter rather than a geared bicycle, I cannot imagine. Anyway, I was only heading out turfing for an hour or so and staying local, wanting to give my tired legs a rest after the previous days hard cycling in the snow.

Turf zone – Brixwold

My plan was to take a few local zones lost to other players. First stop was Brixwold, just a few minutes from the front door, for 170 points, then westwards towards to the new Hopefield estate for GroovyFarm and 185 points this time. The next zone, ChesterGarden, was an uphill scoot into the wind, pretty hard going I can tell you, but worth the effort with another 185 points in the bag.

Turf zone – ChesterGarden

The climb up to AuldCoal (170 points) is an open and exposed grassy area, where Polton Colliery once stood. I moved to the area too late to see any of the colliery buildings, they were all demolished some time ago, all that remained was a small spoil heap. Next, up to the cycle path to take Skeltiemuir, then a fast zoom downhill with the wind at my back to take RobinAndTuck, both with 170 points on offer.

Turf zone – AuldCoal

Next zone was TongueSpatula (170 points) at the health centre and an easy scoot through the town centre soon had me adding those points to my total. The streets were almost deserted, no doubt due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. A lot of the shops were closed, some even boarded up. There were only two other zones still to take in Bonnyrigg, LothianSquare and WaverleyPath, both for 170 points each. Then it was back home via WayOfBaird, for a revisit and 93 points.

Turf zone – WayOfBaird

Using the Swifty Zero today reminded me that while it’s a lot harder the cycling, it’s also more relaxing and gentle, more chilled than blasting about on the bicycle. Yes, you are not going to get a many points in the same amount of time but it’s still turfing all the same. My scooter did develop an annoying tinny rattle, later diagnosed on the workbench as a loose mudguard bolt and easily fixed with a M5 self-locking nylon-insert A2 stainless steel nut. Today’s brief efforts see my round total up another 1653 points to 45,500, up from 41,200 yesterdays, the difference being from points per hour.

Turf zone – GroovyFarm

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