Turf Blog 16-09-22

Busy day today. Started with a silly o’clock session just after 11.00 am, enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful walk from Bonnyrigg across country to Gorebridge, aiming for the zone on Arniston shale bing, aptly called ArnistionBing, as you might expect. Only 6 zones taken but it was more for the walk than anything else. Friday morning saw me on the No 31 bus for Edinburgh, travelling in to collect Team Scotland t-shirts for myself, ChoccyMuffin and HappyHibby, from Swishprint in the Newington area of the city. Grabbed a couple of zones in the passing. Then, after lunch, it was out on the bike whizzing around Bonnyrigg, for a session taking back all the zones lost to DAHunter the previous day. Another 33 zones back in Team Scotland’s hands. At least for a wee while. Later than evening, just before dusk, I managed a quick hour on the Pugsley fat bike grabbing a few zones around Newbattle Abbey. Added another 14 takes to the TS score. Brings me to 55 in total for the day. Back soon.

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