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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve done away with the daily blog entries for TURF 2022. Initially I’d set out to create a blog-a-day for each of the 28 days of TURF 2022 but I was just finding it far too onerous, tedious and stressful to come up with something to blog about when nothing much might happen on the day. I’ve kept all the posted entries but changed the listing format to the usual. Sorry if this causes any confusion. I’m still taking part in TURF 2022.

There’s been some considerable chat on the Turf Scotland WhatsApp group about anti-social turfing, where it seems that a certain turfer has been taking zones back immediately after they’ve been taken, even travelling miles to take zones back and also apparently deliberately blocking another turfer. All this targeted mostly at a specific turfer but others as well. I was going to respond on WhatsApp but will do so here instead.

My response is simply to chill out, it’s no big deal really unless you make it one. And if you do respond you are giving then exactly what they want, a reaction. If someone did that to me, means I can immediately take the zones back again. A ton more points than PPH will ever bring. Okay, it’s not nice but it’s not breaking any rules as far as I can see. Some people, turfers included, are not always nice people. Such is life. And there is also the possibility that assumptions about any individuals’ actions may not be as they appear. Just a thought. Be cool, man. Like Neil in the Young Ones!

Today, out to take a few zones again in Bonnyrigg, having lost them to TSPedro_delb yesterday. It’s getting a bit monotonous taking the same old zones again and again but this time I’ll tackle them in the opposite direction, counter-clockwise. There’s also another 20 in Eskbank and Dalkeith for the afternoon. Back later.

Well, I’m back, it’s sometime later, and that’s them all now back in the control of Team Scotland turfers. Probably for a short time only until some anti-social-following-close-behind-my-behind-turfer takes them again. And no, I’m not referring to the heroic efforts of my fellow Team Scotland members.

Now, something I must share. I am close to achieving the impossible, something that others claim is impossible. Yes, I am close to perfecting the stealth bicycle. A totally silent running bicycle that merely floats silently along the street, paths and roads of Bonnyrigg and beyond. This gives me the opportunity to silently sneak up on non-turfers and blast them to oblivion with my little ting-ting bell. Only kidding.

Not a single squeak, rattle or knock issues from my Surly Ogre. The chain only whispers faintly as it negotiates its eternal way from sprocket to chainring and back. The 8-speed internal geared hub running smoothly in all gears except 4th for some reason, where it grumbles ever so slightly. Even my breathing is getting under control as I get fitter and fitter. It is only when breaking that any hope of stealth is lost and a horrendous sequence of scraping, squealing and shudders shatters the peace and quiet. Yes, almost there, almost. Just bloody annoying brakes to deal with.

My plan for this is as follows. Mount Ogre bicycle on work stand. Remove wheels. Clean brake rotors with nail varnish remover, essentially acetone with added bits (apparently, something every modern man should have to hand, at least according to one YouTube video). Remove brake pads and clean pad surface with same nail varnish remover. Rub down contaminated surface of brake pads with sandpaper (230 grit). Wash and dry off all parts, re-assemble, adjust as required, then test. Of course, inspecting components and replacing if required as well. I’ll let you know how I get on in the next blog.

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