Turf Phone Tips

Having been turfing for almost a year now, I’ve come across all manner of issues both the using the mobile phone and the Turf app. On this page I’ve simply listed them all down here, both good and bad.

  • audio alerts help prevent missed zones
  • carry an essential backup battery powerpack
  • remember the connection cable for the powerpack
  • larger screens offer a bigger field of view
  • waterproof cases allow turfing in the rain
  • taking zone/zone taken are useful notifications
  • always charge your phone battery before use
  • increase screen brightness in sunny weather
  • decrease the screen brightness at night
  • turn off the screen if you know the zones
  • occasionally check the screen for other turfers
  • zip-lock poly bags make useful waterproof cover
  • cling film makes a reasonable waterproof cover
  • larger phones are more awkward to carry if walking
  • handlebar phone mounts are really useful
  • leaving the GPS on helps other turfers
  • switch off GPS at home to keep your home secret
  • anyone with a turf app can track your turfing
  • rebooting phone can often solve turf app issues
  • reinstalling turf app may also resolve issues
  • restating turf app can also solve problems
  • leaving the GPS on gives a 5 second take bonus
  • poor connections can be mobile signal or server
  • have an adequate data package for turfing

If you can think of any additional mobile phone or turf app hints and tips, please use the Contact form to send them in and I’ll include them here.

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