Turf Video 05-07-23

Another turfing day, another turf video, and this was actually take number two. Previously, I cycle-turfed down from Bonnyrigg to Musselburgh, then along the coast to Portobello, recording a time-lapse video of the journey. Unfortunately, and rather stupidly on my part, I forgot to tell the GoPro that I was using the Max Lens Mod, a supplementary lens that increase the field of view. The end results? All the footage was showing a fringe of black and totally useless. But the good news is all worked fine this time.

As usual for these time lapse videos, I’m using the GoPro Hero 10 Black mounted on the GoPro Chesty, a harness that allows you to mount the camera on the front of your chest, showing the view ahead and the bike handlebars. One tip I might add, is I’ve found that when stopping to take the zone I stop recording to save the footage and start recording again before I move off. This creates short clips that also serve as easy markers for adding the zone name titles. Bit more work to edit but easier overall. On the way back home, I also recorded a time lapse of the route, just a straight cycle without any turfing. Will add a link when available. I also recorded the return journey and posted it here. More soon.

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