In the Cycling section, I’ll be taking a look at a wide range of topics relating to fat biking, cycling and bicycles in general, from tackling different types of terrain to finding somewhere to stop for a brew, along with whatever else comes to mind.


  • Autumn Cycling – no need to stop riding when the nights draw in.
  • Bags and Racks – a simple system for carrying all your gear.
  • Beach Riding – some of the most enjoyable fun you can have.
  • Brew Kit – some thoughts on making a brew in the field.
  • Cycle Clothing – thoughts and ideas for clothing for cycling.
  • Fat Biking FAQ – a few useful questions and answers on fat biking.
  • Fat Bike Tyres – sometimes ridiculed, but what do they know?
  • Flat Pedals – custom pedals for getting wet and barefoot cycling.
  • Hints and Tips – a few useful cycling and fat biking hints and tips.
  • Lighting the Night – yes lights, lots of them, for seeing in the dark.
  • Night Rides – venturing out when the sun goes down.
  • Pugsley Begins – how I got into fat biking and the Surly Pugsley.
  • Surly Krampug – build specification for my dirt track and off-road bike.
  • Surly Ogre – build specification for my all-purpose bicycle.
  • Surly Pugsley – build specification for my one-and-only fat bike.


Future Articles

  • Bottle and Flasks – best way to carry water and hot drinks.
  • Snow Patrol – snow, blizzards, howling winds, fun, fun, fun.
  • Tools and Spares – just what to carry for emergency repairs.

Future Blogs

  • Gore Glen – excellent riverside route to the village of Temple.
  • Gorebridge Gunpowder Mills – remains of industrial heritage site.
  • Haddington to Longniddry railway walk – 4.5 mile route.
  • Musselburgh to Penicuik cycleway – disused railway line route.
  • Newbattle Woods – mixed trails for kick scooter and bicycle.
  • North Esk Cycle Way – great ride right from the door step.
  • Pencaitland Railway Path – 6.5-mile disused colliery rail route.
  • Penicuik House Estate – mixed trails for walking and cycling.
  • The Grand Trail – 50k mostly off-road route on local trails.
  • Vogrie Country Park – mixed trails for walking and cycling.


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