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Recently, I’ve been thinking along the lines of seeking out unique zones, perhaps starting with Midlothian and taking all the unique zones I can, then into Edinburgh to do the same. Perhaps even East Lothian and West Lothian, when the world returns to the new normal, whatever that may be, and we can venture further afield again. Perhaps aiming for the 500 Unique and 1000 Unique medals, to add them to the 250 Unique medal already in the collection. With the weather forecast for a bright and sunny day, I decided to head somewhere different today and leave the few remaining unique zones I’ve yet to take in Midlothian for another trip. I would head into the City of Edinburgh.

As always, I like a plan, and after some considerable turf map work, decided to work my way through a roughly triangular section of the city to the south, taking in various areas including Gilmerton, Craigour, Inch, Moredun, Liberton, Anwickhill, Gracemount and Burdiehouse. To be honest, this was perhaps my biggest zone taking outing to date and I had no real idea how feasible this actually was in reality. However, my lack of confidence in my abilities was unfounded.

Turf zone – Ferniedun

I left Bonnyrigg on the Surly Ogre around 9.00 am, grabbed a few zones and was back home by around 3.00 pm. My zone count was some 72 zones, my best so far and not only did I manage all the areas mentioned above but also added some zones from parts of Mortonhall and Kaimes as well, thanks to follow turfer MarkkuEsoc, who had been watching my activities online and came to meet me when I passed close to his house. With his kind assistance, I also added a couple of medals to my collection, Assist-5 and Crowdy-1.

If you’ve read any of my previous turfing blogs, you will know I usually give a run through of all the zones taken during the trip, but with 72 zones today, I’m going to spare you all that. Truthfully, I’m tired, I need my bed and just cannot be bothered. However, seems a shame not to at least list them, so here they are:

Turf zone – Ravenswood

CaptainsZone, SoutraZone, BruacaPark, LibertonPlaza, HolyLiberton, StKPark, KisaKat, YourGrace, AyeAyeCaptain, TobysZone, MorePort, LibertonPark, TheJeneral, 7KiloRabbits, TheBadger, ToSevenAcre, HowdenHall, GetLeeBack, AdamCathZone, HillOfAdam, CaravanPeople, CaravanPub, HumanVsCow, HallOfMorton, Mortonhall, SatelliteHide, Audrey, FlyingBird, BurdieNest, Burdiehouse, LangLoan, LassieBridge, Glimerton, TheWisp, DothrakiRoad, ShawfairPark, Kaims, KaimsGlacial, Sheriffhall, OldDalkeith, Hardengreen, A7View, and finally, Wishart.

Of the above zones perhaps zone LibertonPlaza was the most frustrating. My approach was from the west but there did not seem to be any way to access the area other than looping all the way across to the Liberton road. One footpath shown in the app was barred with a locked gate. Zone InDaBirdie, located in woodland alongside the Burdiehouse Burn was most pleasant and views from some of the higher zones across Edinburgh was amazing, particularly HolyLiberton. What I did find interesting is how many green open spaces there are in Edinburgh, also just how many of those little hidden pathways there are in housing estates. I’m sure I took the long way round more than once due to lack of local knowledge.

Turf zone – HolyLiberton

One problem I’ve found while turfing in the city, one that is not a problem in less built-up areas, if finding somewhere for a call of nature, in other words, having a piss. Thankfully, I was able to find somewhere suitable, adding some sprinkles for the local canine population to savour. Okay, I was really, really, desperate. No other choice really.

It was a long but enjoyable day in the saddle, and in addition to the two medals mentioned above, I also achieved a Diverse medal, for taking 250 round unique zones during the same round, and a Take-1000, for performing 1000 takes. Today’s efforts bring my round score up to 134,800 points with my overall points total now at 301,900, in turn upping my rank to Rank 30 – Grand Conquistador, which is great but there’s a ton of points needed to reach the next rank, some 50,000 in all. Time for an early night. I want my beauty sleep in readiness for another zone taking session tomorrow.

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