Turf Blog 31-03-22

It is my greatest privilege to be able to announce, a little in advance it must be said, a special one-day-a-year-only turfing medal to the turfers of the world. This medal is only available between 12:00 midnight on the 1st April each year and 12.00 noon the same day. This is in-keeping with the traditions of the day. The medal is not available at any other time of the year. Assists and revisits are permitted and times are UTC.

The First of April Medal
To gain this prestigious medal all you need do is take zones that start with the characters in the phrase “The First of April”. In other words, the first zone must begin with the letter “T”, the second zone the letter “h”, and so on. The 15 zones must be taken in the correct order and zones cannot be visited more than once. No other zones should be taken between the above takes. Good luck.

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