Turf Video 15-07-22

A fine evening with bright skies, warm winds and low tide and sunset around 10.00 pm, perfect for turfing on the Surly Pugsley fat bike. So, I’m not going to go into chapter and verse on the evening’s activities, I’d just be repeating what you see in the video. But I will mention a few points about the actual filming.

It’s still very much a learning curve and there’s a few things I need to address. One is wind noise. There is something called a Media Mod for the GoPro Hero 10 Black. It features a built-in directional microphone which is claimed to reduce wind and ambient noise and also has an external microphone port which might be useful. The two cold-shoe mounts would be ideal for LED lights when filming at night or in low light conditions (like inside zone PillBoxWW2). The removable foam mic cover suppresses wind gust up to 20 mph (32 kph). It’s not cheap at around £80.00 but my GoPro membership would reduce that to £55.00

Another issue is keeping the horizons level. I tried to do this in the above video but it’s not always easy with the small screen and on some clips, I just forgot to even try. Next time I’m going to try a mode called Cinematic (5.3K video at 30 fps, Linear view and Horizon Levelling) Hopefully, this will make a difference.

Something else that came to light when creating this video was carrying the equipment on the Pugsley and having it readily available for use. It’s so much easier if you can keep the camera mounted on the support, be it the selfie stick or mini tripod. I think I got things sorted out though. The GoPro on the mini tripod fits into the handlebar bag and when using the selfie stick it will slip into the frame bag. I may need to use the rear rack bags to carry some stuff to make room. Back again soon.

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