Turf Video 21-04-23

Since posting my first time lapse video the other day, where I included a music track by Public Service Broadcasting called Night Mail, I wanted to use this same track for a turf bike ride along the route of the old railway line between Roslyn and Shawfair, once the Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Branch line of the North British Railway, now a cycle way. Enjoy.

Before I set out for Roslyn this morning, I was busy doing calculations. I wanted to work out what time interval to use to end up with footage to match the 3:21 minute length of the music track I wanted to use, eventually working out that a setting of 8x would be close enough. However, once I was ready to film my brain must still have been back home in bed because I forgot to actually set the GoPro to time lapse (actually called time wrap in the GoPro) and ended up with near 30 minutes of real time footage. But all was not lost as I was able to convert the real-time clips to time lapse using the editing software. Just meant some trial and error to get the correct ratio. Will be more careful next time.

And to finish off. Can you name the character sitting in my handlebar bag above? And which animated movie did he feature in? The sequel is coming out later this year.

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