Turf Video 27-05-23

I mentioned the other day about creating a turfing video at night, well, here it is. A circuit around Newbattle Abbey in Dalkeith. The session was originally only a test run to check that my ideas on filming would actually work, the main issue being adequate lighting and the capabilities of the GoPro Hero 10 camera. However, things turned out better than expected and I have some useable video. It’s not perfect, still a little grainy and jerky – the in-built image stabilisation seems to switch itself off in low light conditions – but enough to warrant posting online.

Overall, I think my ideas are sound but need some improvement. The first task is better lighting. Actually, in reality it’s much lighter than you see in the video. The camera sensor does not do credit to the amount of light there actually is. What I might do is buy an additional pair of Hope R2 lamp heads. These are available to buy separately, without the batteries. I can use the same high-capacity batteries I bought with the original Hope R2 lamp heads. Helps keeps the cost down.

Downside is less duration, reduced to about 2 hours on full blast from 3 hours, but still enough for a night filming session. Would require an additional splitter cable to share the batteries though. Cost about £10.00 for that. I already have two spare QR mounts from old lamp heads, so can use. Would look cool have four Hope R2 LED lamp heads with a total of eight Cree LEDs on the handlebars!

Improvements might also be gained by looking at the default camera settings. However, one issue from watching YouTube videos is the conflicting suggestions. One author might say change this to whatever, another might say change it to something else. Very confusing. I guess only testing for myself will resolve which is correct.

The session went well, after a schoolboy error in not switching the camera on! Used my Rode Wireless II microphone set for the audio and that worked well. The GoPro Hero 10 was again mounted on the chest mount and again did its job fine. Only issue I have with the chest mount is that it’s set up for the ideal angle when riding the bike, once you dismount the angle is wrong, looking up to the sky. I have come across something called a 3-axis wearable gimbal which I’ll need to investigate to find one that will take the GoPro Hero 10 with Media Mod attached. This should keep the camera inclination constant no matter if I’m riding the bike or walking.

It was a good night for badgers with two in the woods at Newbattle, one of them almost crashing into the side of me before running off ahead. You can see this at 17:50 in the above video. Also came across another badger in the estate at the house, not far from zone Pittendreich. At the same time, came across a young lad who appeared either drink or stoned out of his mind on drugs. He came out of the new One Dalhousie estate and was constantly effing and cursing. He was actually roaring at the ground as well. Normally I would stop and see if he was okay but alone, late at night and with my bike, my instincts said otherwise and I left him too it. Should have probably called the police and let them to deal with it. Back again soon.

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