Turf Blog 23-11-23

Turf Zone – Eskbank

Bicycles can be so disheartening sometimes. You have a plan, to change your bike tyres to your chunky winter tyres, then to head out turfing and take all those off-road zones dotted about your local patch. However, soon things start to go wrong. First of all, you cannot find your tyre levers. Then you split the rear inner tube while removing the tyre. Next you wrestle the winter tyres on, but eventually, after much cursing, swearing, trapped fingers and even a broken finger nail, you finish the job and retire to the house to get ready for turfing.

Next, a short while later, fully kitted out on the finest cycling gear, you walk back the shed and wheel your trusty steed into the light. But wait, something isn’t right. The bike feels wrong, it’s not moving as smoothly as you would expect, it’s sluggish and heavy. You reach the gate, prop the bike against the conservatory and look to see where the problem might lie. Bugger. Your heart sinks, the rear tyre is as flat as flat can be. Again, bugger. And I cannot be arsed changing the inner tube yet again and take the Swifty Air kick scooter instead. Yes, one of those days.

And while on the topic of kick scoot turfing, there are rare occasions, when you have to kick scoot on the road. Normally, you can use pavements, footpaths and cycleways but sometimes there is no other option than to take to the road. Not so much of an issue during the day when you are visible but night-time, when you need lighting both front and rear, is another matter entirely.

Front lighting is not an issue as I can use the Hope Vision R2 lights I have for the bikes. However, rear lighting is an issue with the problem being where to actually mount the lights. Solved this issue after I bought a Knog Blinder Link rear light for Cathryn’s bike, for mounting on the rear carrier.

Noticed these lights would fit neatly on the back of the Rixen & Kaul Aventour Pro handlebar bag I use on the Swifty scooters. The bags are mounted low down on the steering stem. I bought two Knog Blinder Link lights and mounted them on each side of the rear face of the bag, about the most visible option I could get. Now I feel far more conspicuous and visibly when kick scooting on the road at night. And they look cool as well. Back with some actual turfing soon.

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