Scooting Articles

Turf zone – ShoreStart

In the Scooting section, I’ll be taking a look at a range of articles relating to kick scooting with the Swifty Zero and the Swift Air, from tackling different types of terrain to finding places to scoot and whatever else comes to mind.

Future Articles

  • Coastal Trails – riding your kick scooter down on the beach.
  • Electric Scooters – good or bad, yes or no, I’m not really sure.
  • Local Scooting – stay local, leave the car, save the planet.
  • Parks and Gardens – ideal places for your first scooter rides.
  • Scoot Commute – faster than walking, better than cycling.
  • Scooter Safety – a few useful hints and tips to stay safe.
  • Summer Scooting – hot days and warmer nights, perfect for scooting.
  • Trail Maintenance – some hints and tips for improving the way ahead.
  • Upland Trails – lots of ups, great downs and always an adventure.
  • Windy Weather – hints and tips for scooting when the wind blows.

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